Do you want to be able to say ‘’I woke up like this”

And be able to go out HAVING to wear make-up every day?

But your constant breakouts and acne have made that a dream

What If I Told You That You Could?

Have an effective routine for acne no more spending thousands on trial & error

Choose the most effective products for your acne irrespective of the brands

Say goodbye to feeling depressed and embarrassed about how your skin looks

Get regular compliments and questions on your skincare routine

Wake up to clear and blemish-free skin every day?

Sounds too good to be true right?


You don’t have to keep trying to figure out HOW to manage your breakouts and acne on your own

Join my masterclass for the behind-the-scenes knowledge the skincare gurus keep from you!

✔️New week new product, you are constantly on Instagram pages or online shops buying products that never work for you.

✔️Mirror avoidance – every mirror is your enemy.  You cannot bear to look at yourself and your self-esteem is below sea level.

✔️What happened to your face?  – You get the dreaded question &   everyone you meet who asks you this question. It is exhausting.

✔️ Skipping functions – No more weddings & asoebi for you. Saturdays were your wedding hopping days but it’s now a thing of the past. All you want to do is hide to avoid the stares and questions.

If you answered YES to any of these then is the most important investment you make for yourself for 2022.


The ABC Guide to Acne Control Masterclass

Here You Will Learn

The Myths & Mistakes

☑️​This section breaks down the old wives’ tales that have prevented you from achieving your goals.

☑️​With all the information online, it is difficult to tell facts from fiction. Here you learn the most common and dangerous acne myths. It breaks down why they SEEM true and how they actually damage your skin.

☑️​We break down the most common mistakes made by people with acne make & what they should do instead.

☑️​Dangerous DIY , with everyone being afraid of ”chemicals” DIY skincare is on the rise. This segment breaks down which to keep and which to throw far away.

Why Your Skin is Breaking Out

☑️​Is it something you are doing wrong? Find out here how the right skincare products will reverse that trend.

☑️​Not all acne is the same. Learn how to identify your type of breakouts & when it’s time to see a professional.

What Ingredients Are Your Friends

☑️Not every ingredient is for you and some of the products you are using are making your skin worse.

​☑️​Learn the ingredients that work for acne-prone skin. And how to identify the right one irrespective of the skincare brand.

How To Put It All Together

☑️​Now you know the ingredients but how do you put them together for the best results?

☑️​Find out how to choose the right products for each step in your skincare routine

☑️​The most important part of your routine and why skipping this makes everything much worse.

☑️​The one thing you need to do BEFORE you start treating your skin acne and why

All for just N15,000|$25 ONLY



 Don’t buy another skincare product before you join this masterclass

Most of your skincare routines fail because you are buying products willy-nilly either because someone said they were good, or you liked the packaging not because it was with your skin NEEDED!

Before you buy another product or treatment. First, sign up for this class. I will show you EXACTLY what your skincare issues are and how to use affordable skincare products to turn them around.


Ready to sign up for this game-changing masterclass? Here is what to do next

Pay here and all the details will be sent to your email


Pay via direct bank transfer – Make a Bank Payment of N15,100 to VFD (VFD Microfinance BANK ), Account Name: Beauty Harbour, Account Number: 46 00 05 31 93. Then send verification to beautyharbourblog@gmail.com

A message from your host

Hi, I am Dr Chizo

A skincare consultant for professional women tired of the half-truths on the internet, who are ready to level up their skin stress-free.

I am known for my no-nonsense and direct teaching style that gives you exactly what you need step by step with zero fluff.

▶️ I know my stuff Currently, I have helped over 523 women get their skincare routine and skin right.

▶️ I have personal & professional experience. As a former acne sufferer, I know what I am talking about

Here’s is who this masterclass is for and who it isn’t


✔️Anyone who has been struggling with breakouts despite doing everything that has been recommended
✔️Anyone who is ready to be challenged on their thinking & ready to leave old ideas behind
✔️Anyone ready to do the work -get the right products and USE them consistently for results
✔️Anyone who understands that healthy skin takes time and there is nothing like instant results.


Anyone looking for a ‘’magic product ‘’ that will solve all their problems
Anyone who thinks that shea butter money will get her results- skincare costs money
Anyone looking for results in 3 days or expects that years of acne will disappear overnight
Anyone who isn’t ready to be consistent with their routine – you do it every day or there won’t be any results



▶️​Who hosts this class: Dr Chizo Ezem

▶️​How much is the masterclass: N15,000|$25

▶️​When will it hold ?26th June 5 .00 pm WAT (Lagos time )

▶️Where will it hold: it will hold on zoom (links will be provided the day before )

▶️​Will you get access to the replay: Yes

▶️​Do you need a laptop to attend: No you can attend via mobile phone or tablet

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