Another Christmas to remember

What does Robert de Niro and Take That the boy (man) band have to do with Christmas?

Let me start with this caveat, I am an introvert. I love my alone time. Being on my own is like a cosy blanket that allows me to stretch and breathe and that is what this Christmas story is all about.

It was 2007 in Sheffield and I was just done with my MPH and it was Christmas. The streets were filled with Christmas decorations, stores looked like winter wonderlands and the town centre had fairs coming into town it was paradise.

Because I didn’t plan to go home to Nigeria I had my holidays planned, from the sugar cookies I would buy from Copland to the sugared cashews I was obsessed with and was saving for the d day I was prepared.

That was also the year that the movie stardust was released- I think.

Well one of the things I loved about Christmas in the UK for a TV-obsessed person like me is the Christmas episodes. So I was locked loaded and ready to watch my favourite series.

But sometime during my break while watching TV the movie stardust came on, I hadn’t heard of it before but it had all my favourite things fantasy and science fiction and I was hooked.

I watched it like a kid.

All the characters, the soundtrack and Mr Bobby De Niro. 

It was perfect.

A few days ago it came up on my Facebook feed and I have transported back to 2007 in Sheffield the joy I felt watching it and the song from Take That.


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