Get Younger Looking Glowing Skin

Get a Personalized Step by Step Skincare Routine With Products That Will Transform Your Skin.

It Takes 7 Seconds to Make a First Impression. Does Your Skin Make the Right One?

Discover how to get camera ready skin that allows you to look ready carpet ready every single day !

This Comprehensive, Simple Step by Step Skincare Routine :

  • Provides a detailed explanation of your skincare issues so that you are never confused about what your skin needs
  • Provides a step by step guide based on your lifestyle ,so it is as extensive or simple as you need.
  • Saves you from spending a fortune on ineffective products , say goodbye to the product graveyard in your closet.
  • Provides instant access to the exact products you need giving you time extra time to spend on what really matters -your family

You Get

1 on 1 consultation to discuss your skincare issues & goals

Detailed AM & PM routine with products for each step

Recommended vendors based on your location

PRICE NGN 21,500

Say hello to the makeup-free life and let your skin do the talking, join the group of women ahead of the skincare game.

Skincare issues get worse over time the longer you wait, the greater the likelihood of scaring and the more expensive your treatment ultimately becomes.

Ready For the Glow up?

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Hello, I’m Dr Chizo your skincare consultant. I teach women how to transform their skin by providing personalized recommendations on what works for their skin and why.

If you are ready to unlock your confidence and join women who are ahead of the game to face the world at your full potential un-inhibited by self-doubt then contact me.

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