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  1. Halo Effect
  2. About Your Instructor
Module 1 : Mistakes and Myths
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  1. Mindset Issues
  2. Myths and Mistakes
Module 2 : Skin Types and states
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  1. Functions of Skin
  2. What is your Skin type
  3. Your Skin States
  4. What is your skin Barrier (Blog post)
  5. Ebook & Workbooks
Module 3: the skincare steps and the Essentials for healthy skin
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  1. The 5 Skincare Steps
  2. The Non- negotiable Skincare Steps (and how to choose the right products)
  3. How To Read Product Packaging - to make the correct choice
  4. How to Read Labels -Practical session
  5. Skin Type routines + Checklist (PDF)
  6. Workbooks and PDFs
Module 4: Understanding Actives and How to include them in your skincare routine
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  1. What are Actives ?
  2. How to Combine Actives for no side effects
  3. Day or Night ? When to use Specific Actives
  4. Retinol the Beginners Guide
  5. Pregnancy Skincare ,Products to aviod and what to use instead
  6. Short and Long contact Therapy
  7. PDF Actives + Retinol Guide
Module 5: Antiaging skincare tips & procedures to slow down the signs of ageing
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  1. The Causes and Types of Ageing
  2. Slow Down Ageing with Skincare
  3. Dr Office Procedures to Reduce Ageing
  4. Botox and Fillers
Module 6: How to create a routine aka put it all together
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  1. How to create Your routine
  2. Practical Steps with 3 scenarios
  3. Making The Best of Your Skincare Budget
  4. BodyCare how to get glowing skin on your body
Module 7: Managing your mental health when your skin isn’t at its best
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  1. Coping Strategies for Managing Your Mental Health
  2. Coping Strategies for Managing Your Mental Health
Bonus: Natural skincare versus synthetic which is better
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  1. Diet and Skincare what is the connection
Bonus: Supplements and your skin do you need them?
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