Top 5 Nude lipsticks for Dark Skin

If you have are of a darker skin tone (for reference I wear MAC NC50) you know the fear and longing that comes with trying to find a nude lipstick. One wrong step and you look like you bit into a powdered doughnut or like you failed at Clown College. Fortunately after trial and error and stalking various YouTube pages I have discovered a few shades which work for me.

NUDES LIPSTICKS for dark skin

1. MAC –Hug Me $17.5

This is my every day go to lipstick and it is a cool nude lipstick with a Lustre finish it is quite sheer and shiny and needs frequent application if you eat or drink but the look is unbeatable. It also needs to be worn with a lip liner and I am a fan of MAC Cork which blends perfectly and does not give the 90’s lip liner vibe. As it is a Lustre formula it’s quite comfortable to wear and glides onto the lips with ease, no tight feeling. This is a gorgeous, neutral colour, its lustre, so pretty sheer. For darker skin tones it is the perfect nude, it does not wash you out but takes on some of the colour of your lip and gives a polished nude feel. This is the holy grail of nude lipsticks for me and I have gone through several tubes as I used this daily before I discovered the number 2 on this list.

2. Milani -61 Matte Naked $6

This is another winner and daily to nude, this, however, it has a matte finish. Despite this, the application is smooth and easy and the lipstick has a very soft feel when applied. It lasts almost all day and gives me a polished I am the wealthy vibe. I use this with the MAC cork lip liner which blends in perfectly with this. The colour payoff is fantastic and for the price, it is more than a steal. The colour is very cool nude and is great on skin tones like mine or darker as long as you use a good lip liner. This should be a staple for anyone who likes matte lipsticks, it is the perfect soft nude.


3. Jordanna – Matte Frappuccino

This rich brown nude is a throwback to the 90’s, it is perfect chocolate brown. The colour payoff is good, creamy formula which is buildable with a good lasting power which fades evenly. The colour is flattering but warm and has almost mauve hints which for me elevates it even more. I use MAC chestnut lip liner with this because it matches the darker brown colour without completely overpowering it. The packaging is extremely basic and does it no favours but for the price, it is perfectly adequate and is sturdy.

4. Revlon 002 – Pink Pout

This is more of a pink nude, so is a little different from the other selection. However, it does not make it any less good. It is a matte lipstick and although it goes on quite smoothly it is still somewhat drying on the lips. Because it is matte it lasts a reasonable length of time and for the price, it is a bargain. I still reach for MAC Cork lip liner, although the tones are slightly different it works pretty well. As a nude, it will work well for anyone who has a similar undertone as I do – which is extremely yellow. When I am in my pink phase I reach for this daily and have gone through a few tubes.


5. MAC- Shy Girl

Shy Girl is a creamy, neutral/peachy beige nude with a crème sheen finish which gives it some gloss, it’s also one of MAC’s top sellers. It is also has a very smooth application and definitely needs a lip liner, otherwise can go very wrong. For my skin tone, this in powdered doughnut /clown college territory so I have to be careful and use my lip liner judiciously to make sure it blends well. Although it looks good on darker skin tone I would not recommend it for very dark skin tones as it will wash you out completely. It tends to last longer than the lustre finish and does not look cakey or bleed. It is an okay nude but not one I reach for as frequently.   Here is my nude collection, I mean nude lipsticks which I think will work well for anyone around n the NC50 range. What are the nude lipsticks you like? Are any on this list? Let me know in the comments. Subscribe to get content like this and follow me on Instagram for additional updates.

A variation of 5 matte and lustre nude for dark skin which looks at color payoff longevity and price and great for everyday use


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