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Adult acne is on the rise, this means more than 60% of adults are struggling with acne.

This comes with feelings of insecurity and judgement from the family & friends and the dreaded question’ what happened to your face”

This bundle is the best way to ensure you NEVER get that question again.

It’s not by taking random product recommendations from friends or using damaging DIY skincare (lemon juice I am looking at you) or trial and error.

You need to learn how to manage your breakouts the right way.

Who is this course for

✅ Any woman who is struggling with breakouts and doesn’t know why

✅ Any woman who has tried multiple products with zero or worse results

✅ Any woman who wants a simple but effective routine

✅ It is for all ages if you have acne it will work for you

✅ If you are completely new to skincare or not you will be able to understand

✅ Anyone who wants a quick but effective routine that will take less than 5 mins a day


The 7 modules cover the following  

📌Module 1: Why do you have breakouts? understanding the causes & types of acne

📌Module 2: The ingredients heroes: which products are the best for treating acne

📌Module 3: How to manage & treat your breakouts with your skincare routine + Dr office treatments

📌Module 4: Acne Side effects and how to manage them

📌Module 5: Acne and self-esteem ways to keep your mental health intact

📌Module 6: How your diet can contribute to acne and tips to manage it

📌Module 7: Say no to supplements, which supplements can trigger acne

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