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Look Younger Longer + Skincare Basics Masterclass  ONLY AVAILABLE HERE!


Here’s What You Get

A book bursting with the skincare secrets and the tips I use to keep my acne-prone skin Blemish-Free.

✅Learn why skincare is important and understand why a consistent skincare routine can affect your career and ability to earn more money

✅Learn how to identify your skin type, save thousands of Naira & never spend money on products that won’t work for your skin.

✅You will learn which ingredients to include in your routine aka ” friends” and never get bamboozled by charlatans.

✅Eliminate the confusion on which steps are non-negotiable & shorten your routine to less than 5 mins a day and still get results.

✅Find out the scientifically PROVEN antiaging skincare products (No Hocus Pocus) you need to include in your routine


This  4 module video companion  series takes you through learning about

▶️Find out how your skin works & 6 reasons you need a routine to keep it healthy

▶️Discover how to identify YOUR skin’s specific needs because skincare is not a one size fits all

▶️Learn the 5 step framework I use in my skincare routine to keep my skin blemish-free

▶️You don’t need 10 steps and this webinar will show you how to put together a NO FLUFF ROUTINE.



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