How many times do you need to pick the wrong foundation before you read this?

how to pick the right foundation for your skin every time

When you start out with makeup one of the first products you buy is a foundation, this serves as the base for your makeup look. Choose the wrong product and you end up looking cray cray, pick the right one and it looks like you have absolutely nothing on your face.

Which let’s face it the goal for most people.

At the moment there so many different types of foundation to choose from. Having such a wide selection allows you to choose the best based on your skin type. Thankfully the different types of foundation cut across different price range from drug store to high end.

If you are not sure which type to choose, keep reading to learn which is best for your skin and the more popular options.

Liquid foundation

how to pick the right foundation for your skin every time

This is the most popular foundation available and works well for most skin types. Liquid foundations provide sheer to full coverage and are easier to use if you want to cover your whole face because of their liquidity. You can also build up sheer and medium coverage foundation to fuller coverage if that is what want because it gives you more control.

Liquid foundations also come in a wide variety of formulas which include oil-free, oil-based and waterproof for different skin types. So some liquid foundations are more hydrating and are suitable for dry skin while oil-free or matte foundations are suitable for oily skin. My favourites in this category are the Estee Lauder double wear foundation and the Lancome Teint Idole Miracle  24-hour foundation.

You can apply liquid foundations with a makeup sponge or brush or even your fingers! I like to you a makeup brush and would not recommend using your fingers because of the likelihood of makeup transferring to your clothing and just basic hygiene.

Both sponges and brushes allow you sheer out or build up your liquid foundation depending on your needs. For some more details on how to choose the right brush here is a post detailing what to look for.

Cream Foundation

Cream foundations are like the love child or liquid and powder foundation. They provide heavier coverage and work best for normal to dry skin, not oily skin since they are more emollient. Cream foundations are very pigmented so you need very little for a full face of coverage so a little goes a long way. You can either sheer or build up liquid foundation depending on your needs. The most popular cream foundation I know is the Kevin Aucoin Sensual skin enhancer which took  Youtube by storm a few years ago and appears to be one of the best going from the reviews.

For application use a  makeup sponge, the beauty blender works best.

Powder foundation

This is very first foundation I bought, the MAC studio fix powder in NW 45 in the pressed compact.

Most powder foundation comes in a pressed compact and provides a more natural finish. Because they are in a compact they are extremely portable and easy to take out and about without any hiccups. Although you can you a powder foundation if you have normal or dry skin powder foundation will actually work better on oily skin because they can absorb excess oil.  If you have dry or mature skin it may give you a cakey look because the powder drys out your skin even more and settles into any fine lines or wrinkles you have them more visible.

Power foundations pigmented and should not be mistaken for finishing powers which can be translucent or slightly pigmented and come in pressed and loose forms. To get the best finish use a kabuki brush for full coverage or a  powder brush for lighter coverage.

Stick foundation

how to pick the right foundation for your skin every time

This is my favourite type of foundation because it covers blemishes like no man’s business and is easy to apply over my whole face. Stick foundations give medium to fuller coverage because of its much thicker consistency. So finding the right shade is important otherwise you look like you have a think funny coloured mask on. Stick foundations are best for normal to oily skin but can be used on dry skin or mature skin is they are properly moisturised.

Because you apply stick foundation directly onto your skin, you need to blend blend blend so that it properly buffered into the skin with a makeup sponge or buffer brush and looks natural.

I love the Black Opal stick foundation and use the Sigma F80 buffer brush or the real techniques buffer brush for the best finish.

Mineral foundation

As companies and individuals become more interested in natural, organic and cruelty-free makeup solutions the options for mineral foundations have expanded. Most mineral foundation comes in powder form (pressed or loose) and is recommended if you have sensitive, acne-prone or mature skin.   As the market for mineral foundations has grown so have the options you can now get them in liquid, stick and as tinted moisturizers to meet your preference.

Again if in powder form you should apply can apply any formula with a kabuki brush.

Mousse or whipped foundation 

This is essentially a liquid foundation with air whipped into it, which gives it light almost weightless feel with a matte finish. Whipped or mousse foundations have consistency between liquid and cream.

They work well for all skin types but are even better for dry or mature skin because they go on smoothly and provides medium to full coverage. You can apply a mousse foundation with a makeup sponge or buffing brush.

Maybelline dream matte mousse is one of the first and most recognisable mousse foundations.

The ultimate guide to foundation makeup for beginners
BB Cream

This stands for ‘’blemish balm” or “beauty balm” and has a creamy formula which works all skin types. They are used to even out skin tone by providing colour while moisturizing skin. BB creams also come in different formulas for the different skin types with a wide variety of price points.

CC Cream            

Colour correcting creams are similar to BB creams and provides colour with a slight tint. CC creams are hydrating and contain anti-ageing ingredients.

Tinted Moisturizer

Tinted moisturizers are the intersection of skincare and makeup and provide a slightly more even skin tone. They can only provide sheer coverage and cannot cover deep hyperpigmentation so works best for women with good skin. Tinted moisturizers are great to use in hotter weather were wearing full coverage foundation is too much but you still want to look put together. Just make sure yours has an SPF at least 30  and like a  regular moisturiser, you can apply it using your fingers.

The ultimate guide to foundation makeup for beginners
Spray Foundation

This comes in a pressurised canister like insecticide. You apply the foundation by spraying it directly on your face and comes out with a light mist for an airbrushed finish. Alternatively, you can spray it on a kabuki brush and then buff it into your skin. Spray foundations provide light to full coverage.  I am not very familiar with this type of foundation and have never used one before, as they are just becoming widely available.

Whew, that is a lot. Here is a basic list of the types of foundations currently available on the market. Which have you tried? and do you have any preference? Let me know in the comments below.

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