Do You Know the Best Way to Make a Great First Impression Every Time?

Have spectacular skin

60% of people notice your skin the first time you meet.

This means they are judging you.

Are you Honest, Capable, Intelligent or Successful?

They decide in seconds based on how your skin looks.

And it is called the ”Halo Effect”

One sure way to ensure you make a great impression and you control their perception is to ensure your skin is  – healthy, hydrated, blemish-free

That is what your skin will become after this course

Blemish-free skin gets you higher earnings more friends and more opportunities.


She has big plans for her future & plans to become a director at her bank. However, like a lot of women, focused on their careers, she has neglected herself & her skin has suffered and it shows.

She realized that there are others who work as hard as she does but looks the part.  Her skin is preventing her from being the best representative for her organization.

She dropped the ball with her skin.


For the past 2 years, her goal has been to get funding to expand her startup. But each time she goes in front of potential investors she freezes and is never able to get the funding she needs.

She has low self-esteem because of how her skin looks. It has cost her so many opportunities because each time she is in front of investors she freezes.

So many thoughts go through her mind

” Are they looking at my skin?

” Do they think I am dirty?

” Will it affect my business ”

    Taking Care of Your Skin Should Never Be Secondary.

    It is the first thing people see & has a huge impact on how they see you and how you feel about yourself.

    Anyone who has cleared their skin knows the effect is transformational.

    But skincare isn’t guesswork.

    It has its rules & you can make them work for you.

    Are you ready to stop sabotaging your skin?

    Do you want to discover the skincare principles that will give you spectacular skin? If the answer is yes then I have the product for you.



    This bundle is a combination of videos, eBooks and checklists that show you how what you need to get to spectacular skin stress-free.

    ▶️It includes the mindset shifts you need to transform your skin

    ▶️A framework on how to choose the right products every time

    Get the proven methods & product recommendations to get results even as a beginner.

    It’s so simple even a 15-year-old can understand it. No no jargon, no theories, a fail-proof way to get your sensational skin in record time.

    This is not just another skincare course  

    • The language and teaching style is simple
    • It takes a step-by-step approach
    • Each module builds on the previous one
    • You will be a mini-expert at the end of each content  

    Who is This Bundle For?

    ✅Anyone who has struggled with confidence in their skin

    ✅Anyone who has looked into the mirror and wondered what to do

    ✅Anyone who has ever gone to buy skincare products & is confused about the products to buy

    ✅Anyone who is new and wants to start their skincare routine without damage to their skin

    By the end of this course, you will

    ♦️Have busted the mindset issues that kept your skin in shambles

    ♦️Discover your skin type  and what it requires to remain in the optimal state

    ♦️Understand which scientifically proven products work for your skin and why 

    ♦️Have a reliable routine with a list of hero products that keep your skin in spectacular shape

    The Course delivery is amazing!

    The Course Content

    This course is organized into Modules with each Module being a building block for the next.

    📌Module 1: Your Skin and your success & the lies you tell yourself on why you don’t have a routine

    📌Module 2: How to get the most of your skincare budget

    📌Module 3: Skincare and ageing: how to use skincare to slow down the signs of ageing aka wrinkles

    📌Module 4: Understanding what your skin NEEDS & the 5 step skincare framework

    📌Module 5: How to choose products that work for your skin & put together an effective routine

    📌Module 6: Retinols the antiaging heavy hitter -choosing the right one so you have zero side effects

    📌Module 7: Understanding skincare actives – what are they and which ones do you need

    📌Module 8: Sun protection everything you need to know on why it isn’t optional

    Along with all these, you get 2 exciting Bonuses

    I know, I know, you are wondering why I am practically ‘’dashing ‘’ it to you. The reason we are giving you this value-filled bundle is that it is for a limited time only.


    The price will increase daily so jump in now

    In case you are thinking well I don’t have the time to watch the videos guess how long you have access to them?

    Note from the creator

    Hello, my name is Dr Chizo Ezem,

    I am that person you have been looking for to make understanding skincare fun & as simple as ABC. It is a pleasure to have you here. Let me tell you a little about my journey.

    In my early 20’s my skin was ravaged by cystic acne and I tried so many products to get it back to normal. Even with my medical background, it was hard! I won’t lie but I did it after loads of research and trial & error.

    Fast-forward to 2018, I noticed so much dangerous information on social media. So I decided to start BEAUTY HARBOUR to provide accurate skin care tips for beginners.

    My approach is to break down skincare into simple easy to understand language. Now I have an amazing community of women on social media whom I give daily skincare tips.

    Relax, you are in safe hands. I learned over my 17-year medical career the best way to teach women with zero skincare knowledge.

    I am the skincare authority and my superpower is making the complex simple.

    So yes, go ahead and buy this Course.

    Here is a sneak peek from inside module 4 enjoy the video

    When you purchase this course, you get an email. Please keep an eye on both your inbox and junk box (promotions box as Gmail refers to it). You can download your bonuses immediately and get a PDF with a link to access the videos which you can start watching right away.

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