Unlock the Secrets to a Glowing Complexion even if you are not an expert.

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This program is for you if

👩🏾You have acne-prone Skin: you are tired of dealing with one breakout or the other and it’s affecting your self-esteem and job. This will show you what you are missing and how to get the right combination for smooth skin.

👩🏾You have great skin: you are in the right place to ensure you preserve the glow and keep it blemish-free as you age and go through the stresses of life.

👩🏾You are over 40 – have you noticed some sagging, wrinkles or lines and want them gone? this is where you learn how to reverse those signs and keep your skin youthful.

👩🏾You are tired of Ineffective Products: You have bought everything under the sun, but still, your skin looks like you don’t do anything. Come here and learn how to choose what will for you and how to ignore the rest.

👩🏾You have information overload: every day it’s one new thing! all you want to know is what are the basic things to do. Don’t worry you will get that right here.



3-day online EVENT teaches you everything you need to achieve radiant skin and get RESULTS with your skincare products

Join women from across the globe who are ready to go from basic to fabulous as they level up their skin.

Plus, so much more! scroll down to see what else comes with this course.

What’s included in the Clear Skin Academy? Let’s Take a Look Inside the Course.




Here’s why I am the best person to show you how to take your skin to the next level

✔️Transformed the skin of hundreds of women across over 15 countries and counting

✔️Written 150 skincare articles with my blog reaching over 100k women a year

✔️Regular contributor to the Nigerian premier beauty website – Beauty in Lagos

✔️Eliminated my OWN cystic acne years ago and have kept my skin in excellent condition

✔️Qualified medical doctor with over 2 decades of experience

Program structure

And if you get stuck, remember we have a community on telegram, so you are covered.

I know what you may be thinking, do I have the time to go through the videos?

Yes, all you will need is 1hr in your 24hrs, to go through the information, make the changes and get the results you need.

This is beginner-level stuff so don’t worry if you have zero knowledge or are more advanced in your journey there is something there for you.

You can access all your classes from your phone.

Clear Skin Academy is one that is simple and easy to follow. After all, learning should be enjoyable.

1. Selar – A learning management software for which your video classes are released daily.

The classes and the community are accessed via two simple tools:

2. Telegram – Just like WhatsApp, is used for the community. This is where everyone is free to talk and gist. Live sessions and daily review sessions are also held on Telegram.

Need more convincing? Here’s why you need this academy in your life.

🚀Get a Confidence Boost: Picture waking up, looking into the mirror, and feeling fantastic about your skin. With the newfound knowledge and changes to your skin from the academy you will radiate confidence effortlessly

🚀Look 10 Years Younger: Who wouldn’t want to rewind the clock? Unlock skin care tips that can turn back the clock, making you look a full decade younger and exude that youthful vibrance…

🚀Ditch heavy Makeup and say hello to Lip-gloss life: Picture this, you wake up, splash a bit of water on your face, add a touch of lip gloss, define your eyes with a pencil, and you’re set to conquer the day! No need for layers of makeup before the school run to avoid those awkward m moments.

🚀Look like a Rich Auntie all Day every Day: Want the aura of sophistication that comes with blemish-free skin? Get the tips and tricks you need to achieve that opulent look without the huge price tag. You’ll look like you belong with the posh crowd giving off the air of affluence and elegance.

🚀Save Money and Time: Say goodbye to the never-ending cycle of buying expensive skincare and rescue your wallet when you learn how to choose the right products and save a bundle.

🚀Don’t be a Product Junkie:  Let’s face it; your bathroom shouldn’t look like a skincare store. You learn how to streamline your routine, with zero hoarding! This way you know what works and simplify your life.

 N21,000 |$30 ONLY! For a limited time only

Ready to join me? You’ve got Two Options


Join the Clear Skin Academy and get access to daily classes and reviews.

A community with the telegram group where you are able to interact as well as ask questions.



Naira only

You can pay in 2 instalments, you pay 12k Naira now and 12k Naira later.

The instalment costs more because of the cost of managing them. Full payment shall be made before enrolment into the Academy.
Classes resume on 23rd November 2023 and payments must have been fully before the 20th to join the classes.


Who is this for

✅You haven’t been able to get any results despite spending money on all the ‘’holy grail ‘’products it is pretty much hit-and-miss.

✅You need step-by-step guidance to create a routine that works & you realize the best way to get results is by working with a professional that gets results.

✅You are ready to get off the trial-and-error train & stop spending money on products that don’t work.

✅ You’re ready to invest time right now rather than later because you realize that waiting longer means more expense in the long run.

✅ Your skin affects how people view you and want to level up your appearance and take it to the next level.

Who isn’t this for?

❌You are looking for one ‘’magic product ‘’ that will solve all your problems this is not for you. There isn’t a single product that can do that, you need a full routine with more than one product.

You are not ready to spend a reasonable amount on your skincare products – skincare costs money. Pay shea butter money you get shea butter results.

❌ You think you will get instant results without putting in the work. It’s not possible for years of acne to disappear overnight or in a few days you must be patient and give it at least 6 weeks.

❌You have no plans to be consistent –skincare is a daily routine using a product once isn’t enough nor will it give you results.

❌You expect to change your genes e.g. you have oily skin but expect it to transform into something else. I am not a magician.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

I have helped tons of clients and students in the last 5 years, and I know that my system works.

This means I am 100% sure that if you implement my strategies to give your skin the time it needs it WILL change.

Get Instant Access To Skincare University!

Early bird price is ending soon! Lock in your early bird price
before it is gone for good


The 23rd of November

It costs N21,000 $ 30 £ 21

The CSA is a 3-day online program that shows you how to curate a personalized and effective skincare routine, level up your skin with the information you need for a timeless  routine

Yes this is for any woman who is interested in clearing up or keeping her skin looking good. From acne, dark spots, wrinkles dry skin there is something for everyone.

Yes if you execute and follow through with the information I provide consistently your skin WILL change. The changes will not happen overnight but in 4-6 weeks I guarantee your skin will change

Multiple payment options are available such as; Stripe, AMEX, Mastercard, Visa, PayPal, Klarna, Google pay & Apple pay.

Classes start on the 23rd of November and you will be added to the groups closer to to the start date.

Yes, you can! We have had women from over 15 countries join us in the program.


I’ve created Skincare University to be as easy to follow as it can possibly get. If you can follow simple step-by-step instructions, you can follow along successfully and not be left out.


No, they are not. However, the eBooks, workbooks and bonus materials are downloadable in PDF format.


I pride myself on providing the best support possible for all my customers. If you have any issues accessing the course at any time, you can email us at beautyharbourblog@gmail.com and we wil get you sorted !


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