University 2

Transform Your Skin & Unlock the Secrets to a Radiant and Glowing Complexion

Graduate your skin from F  to A + skin and learn the ABCS on how to get blemish-free skin with affordable products and minimal stress

New Skin, A New You

Did you know 60% of people notice how clear your skin is? And they judge you based on how it looks.  Does your skin right now give the right impression?

If you want to give that ‘’right impression ‘’ effortlessly every single day then this is for you.

I can help you get your confidence back and turn you from a wallflower into a compliment magnet.

✅Clear Skin ✅Zero foundation ✅Less than 5 mins daily, Check, check, check

Even if you are a complete beginner or are completely clueless about how to get started.

I know what you are thinking, this sounds too good to be true

⚫️You don’t know anything about skincare and are clueless about where to start

⚫️Your schedule is packed any routine that needs a lot of time won’t work for you.

⚫️And have you seen the prices of skincare products? in this economy? how is it possible to invest in a routine without going broke?

⚫️To make it worse your skin and pocket have taken a beating from trial-and-error of you trying to find the right products.

But there are some BIG misconceptions and myths about what it takes to have great skin.

Here’s what I want you to know:

MISCONCEPTION #1 – You can get instant results.

This is one of the most dangerous myths and one that results in damaged skin.

You cannot short-circuit a natural process, skincare changes take time.

Any product that promises results in a few days should be avoided like the plague.

Because any results you get (if any) will fall like a pack of cards leaving you with damaged skin.

Sometimes irreversibly.

MISCONCEPTION # 2 -Natural is always Better.

Saying a product is ‘’organic ‘’’, ‘’vegan ‘’ or ‘’cruelty-free’’ has become like a magic wand in the skincare industry.

But it means absolutely nothing when it comes to producing results for your skin.

So, if you believe that a natural product is the only solution to your skincare woes.

Think again.

Your skin responds to ingredients irrespective of the source. So, while natural products have their place in a skincare routine, they are unlikely to give you the results you want.

Ask yourself what your goal is for your skin and use the products that will get you there.

MISCONCEPTION #3 -You can copy another person’s routine.

Genetics, current health, past health conditions, or even allergies

Your skincare routine should be like your fingerprint -Unique to you.

Copying another person’s skincare routine without the full details on why each product is in their routine is only half of the story.

So even if it worked for them, it may not work for you.

What you need is a personalized routine targeted to your skin type and skincare goals to get you the skin you have been dreaming about.

What if I told you that you could? Look in the mirror and love what you see go out without any makeup, no more trial and error.

You don’t need a complicated 10-step process for your skin to look good (instant results don’t exist)

You need someone to hold your hand through the process & show you where you may have missed the mark with your routine.


The Skincare University shows you EXACTLY how to turn your skin from a problem to your best feature.


N12,000 Today only

Hi, I am Dr Chizo and I teach busy professional women like you step-by-step how to get clear skin. If you have been using random skincare products based on recommendations from friends or the influencer you follow online. The Skincare University shows you the strategies I have used to transform the skin of over 500 clients and will give you the same results without spending a fortune.

In this program, I take out the guesswork of creating an effective skincare routine & show you how to design one that gives you radiant skin.  You get clarity on which products will work for your skin and why and the gift of CONFIDENCE. This means no more hiding behind your makeup, you can live up to your full potential and grab life by its horns!

Most of all TSU will give you what has eluded you for years – clear skin, taking you from

”I have tried everything ‘’ to ‘’ tell me what products you are using’’.

I am so giddy to give this review because I have longed for healthy skin since my teens. Dr C finally helped me hack what my skin has been yearning for at 34 years.

In 2021 I consulted with 3 other aestheticians but I was even more confused than when I started. From the get-go, Dr C answered ALL my questions satisfactorily and provided the accountability I needed.

Besides reviewing my routine, she held my hands until I could sail on my own now, I enjoy my skincare routine effortlessly.

If you are unhappy with your skin, trust that she will be your final stop for visible results. This will set you on your path to your dream skin with no hassles of where to find or buy a product.

Fumi A

I want to express a huge thank you! I am thrilled with the condition of my face, thanks to you. I complained to my friend about my skin, which had massive breakouts on both cheeks that were worse than usual. She immediately referred me to you and I arrived with breakouts, constant dry skin, eczema, and terrible hyperpigmentation.

After unsuccessfully trying multiple products, you asked some background health questions and created a routine for me that was so easy to follow. I began my journey to better skin.

Your check-ins throughout the process were so helpful. Now my skin feels soft and hydrated, and the hyperpigmentation has improved tremendously. I am so thankful that I no longer look exhausted with bumps! Thank you so much.

Doris W

When I decided to take care of my skin and deal with the acne and roughness that were popping up, I didn’t know where to start. I chose Dr Chizo for two reasons: our shared identities as Black women and her excellent recommendations. Both made me confident that I would get my desired outcome – healthy and glowing skin.

The whole process was stress-free and my results were almost immediate. The routine made my skin calm and feel soft (like that of a baby!). My face is brighter, and my overall body is smooth – take my word for it!

This was real value! Caring for my skin did the magic of making me fall in love with myself all over again! Skincare is truly beyond “just rubbing cream on parts of our body.” It is the way we connect with ourselves – if we don’t take care of ourselves, who will?

Here are the Juicy details of what you get inside

Welcome Note +Course overview

An introduction to who I am and some practical details on the course going forwards.

A brief foray into why it’s more than ‘’just skin’’ to set the stage going forward

Module 1: Mindset, myths and the mistakes  

In this module, you will learn how to correct the mistakes you have been making with your skin so that you start from a clean slate when you start your routine. You will tackle the mindset issues that have kept you from remaining consistent each time you start.

Module 2: The skin types and the skin states  

In this module, you will get to understand what you are working with when it comes to YOUR skin. I will show you how to identify your skin and understand what it needs and how to get it to a balanced state.

Module 3:  the skincare steps and the essentials for healthy skin

In this module, I show you the only steps you need to have an effective routine including which steps you can skip and which ones are none negotiable. You will also get the scoop on a simple way how to choose the right products for your skin at each step.

Module 4: Understanding Actives and how to include them in your skincare routine

Here you will learn the different types of actives and my special classification which gives you a very simple method of combining them without irritation. You will learn which actives are best for daytime, and nighttime and how to get the best results from both.

Module 5: Antiagening skincare tips & procedures to slow down the signs of ageing

Here you will learn how to slow down the signs of ageing using skincare products and what to do when skincare products are no longer giving you the results you want.

Module 6: How to create a routine aka put it all together

In this module, I go through step by step the factors to look out for when putting a skincare routine together, including, cost, age and lifestyle. Here you will learn how to create a routine that is not only effective but you can maintain without stress.

Module 7: Managing your mental health when your skin isn’t at its best

Here I will teach you some tips and tactics to keep from spiralling into depression when your skin isn’t looking its best

Course Supplements

  • Checklist, and worksheets to turn the information into action. Each page supplements the information in the modules lets you get results faster and easier.
  • Ebooks that give you additional information and serve as a reference guide for when you need access to information.
  • Guides that give you insider information on where to find products or services irrespective of your location.

Looking for Bonuses? Here’s What You’ll Get

Bonus: Natural skincare versus synthetic which is better (Value N10,000)

This is a huge topic on its own! you will discover what ‘’natural ‘’ and ‘’organic really means and if the people you have access to are using them correctly. Find out if it makes a difference at all when it comes to choosing a skincare product.

Bonus: Supplements and your skin do you need them?  

Most people are interested in using supplements for their health and skin but a huge BUT, some of them can cause issues in detail on which ones and why



✅You haven’t been able to get any results despite spending money on all the ‘’holy grail ‘’products it is pretty much hit-and-miss.
✅You haven’t ever really paid much attention to your skin, but you are ready to take it to the next level. 
✅You are ready to get off the trial-and-error train and what an effective routine.
✅You want help and don’t want to deal with trawling through the internet watching videos trying to find what works
✅ You’re ready to invest time right now rather than later.
✅ Your skin has affected how people view you and you have heard negative comments. And you are ready to put your best foot forward.


You are looking for a ‘’magic product ‘’ that will solve all their problems
You think you won’t need to spend a good amount initially to get effective products – skincare costs money
You think you will get instant results or expect that years of acne will disappear overnight or in a few days
You have no plans to be consistent – you think using a product once is enough
You expect to change your genes eg you have oily skin but expect it to transform into something else

Want to pay by bank transfer? make the payment of N12,200 to

  • Moniepoint Microfinance Bank, Account Number 8242531998, Account Name Beauty Harbour
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Send evidence to


What is The Skincare University?TSU  is a course that shows you how to curate a personalized and effective skincare routine, level up your skin with the information you need for a timeless  routine
Who is the course for? This course is for you if;
☑️You are dissatisfied and insecure with your appearance.
☑️You want to level up your skin
☑️You want to feel confident without wearing a tonne of makeup or foundation
☑️You don’t want to be confused about all the skincare jargon
☑️You want to save money and curate products that actually work
☑️You want to attract the right people through your appearance and turn heads every time you walk into a room
How long will I have access to the course?    A one-time payment grants you lifetime access!
What are the payment options?Multiple payment options are available such as; Stripe, AMEX, Mastercard, Visa, PayPal, Klarna, Google pay & Apple pay.
I have made the payment, what next?After payment, you will instantly receive an email from Selar granting you access to the course. You will then need to sign up for the platform and start viewing the course materials.
I am not in Nigeria; can I join still join?Yes, you can! We have had women from over 30 countries take the course.
I have a busy schedule and I’m worried I’ll not be able to take the self-paced course seriously. Totally understandable and to help with this, you will receive periodic check-in emails that will serve as a reminder and keep you focused and intentional. Also, the course is organised in a way that you can easily go to a particular topic you want to start with.
I am pregnant, will this course work for me?Definitely! The secrets shared in the course will help you continue maintaining your skin during pregnancy, we even have a section that speaks specifically on tweaks you need to make when you are pregnant.
Are the course videos downloadable? No they are not. However, the eBooks, workbooks and bonus materials are downloadable in PDF format. While the workbooks are editable right on your device.

Don’t Waste Time trying to “Piece Together” a routine from Scratch without The Skincare University

P.S. Don’t forget, this is a limited-time N12,500 offer and it won’t be available forever. So to get Skincare Univerity at this at its discounted price right now, you need to quickly hit the button above and enrol today

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