Are You Aging Faster Than Your Peers?

This step by step guide shows you how to keep wrinkles at bay

Did you know your skin starts ageing from your early 20’s?

This means with each passing day, lines and wrinkles begin to form taking you from a babe to a hag in a twinkle of an eye.

But this process doesn’t seem to happen to every woman. Some look like they did 20 years ago (Halle Berry I am looking at you). Can you guess their secret?

A skincare Routine.

Yep, that’s it.

They all have an effective skincare routine that protects their skin and slows down the ageing process.

So if looking like Halle Berry at 50 is your goal then this is book is for you

If you are thinking all this from a book?


I want you to imagine waking up every morning KNOWING your skin looks great. Not looking in the mirror and realizing your skin decided to give you a ”gift ” overnight.

Instead, you save up to 1 hour every morning because you don’t have to put on a full face of make up every day. Imagine what an extra hour of sleep will do for you?

I have transformed my skin from being perpetually ane prone to one that gets me compliments all the time and it can do the same for you.

Do You Want To

  • Look 10 years younger without spending hours on an extensive skincare routine
  • Prevent lines and wrinkles from taking up residence on your skin
  • Stop breakouts with zero guesswork and stress on looking for the right products
  • Save money on expensive products that don’t work for your skin

If you want any the above then the ” Look Younger Longer : The Step by Step Guide to flawless skin is the book for you.

The Book contains

The book has 5 chapters

  • Chapter 1: Why Skincare is important
  • Chapter 2: How to Find out your Skin Type
  • Chapter 3: The Essential Skincare steps
  • Chapter 4: How to Build an Effective Routine
  • Chapter 5: Antiageing Skincare Tips

N 5,500/$12


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Are you ready to go from zero to hero with your skin?

Join other successful women who are no longer trapped by bad skin and become #MAKEUPFREE with this step by step guide.

Discover the insider secrets on how to slow down the ageing process with skin that gets you compliments every time.

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