The Skin Starts Ageing From as Early as 25 Years!

But what does that actually look like in real life?

Wrinkles, Deep lines, crow’s feet, Rough scaly skin, Hyperpigmentation, Dark spots, Liver spots & Sagging skin.

And did I say wrinkles, lots and lots of wrinkles  

This is because your skin loses 1% of its collagen every year, it is the ‘’magic’’ that keeps your skin looking young and bouncy.

But some women don’t look their age, they still look like they did 20 years ago. Can you guess their secret?

A Skincare Routine. Yep, that’s it.

They all have an effective skincare routine that protects their skin from the ageing process.

What If You Had a Secret weapon that showed you Step-by-Step how to keep those pesky wrinkles at bay?


Look Younger Longer : The Beginners Guide To Flawless Skin

The ebook to get you the skin you have been dreaming of

Here is What You Get in this Ebook :

Learn the Basics

Confused why you need a skincare routine when all your mother used was shea butter? this breaks down how a consistent skincare routine can make you more money & boost your confidence.

Get Personal – Recommendations for your Skin

Everyone is different! find out what your skin needs and stop spending money on products that won’t work for your skin. This teaches you exactly what you need

Get Exclusive, Know Your Friends

Not every ingredient is for you, no matter how much everyone loves it. Find out your skin heroes, your ride or dies that give your skin what it needs and never get bamboozled again.

Unlock Your Youthful Glow

Find out the most effective antiaging skincare products you need to include in your routine to keep those lines away (No Hocus Pocus)

How to Save Time

Learn how to get results in 5 mins or less each day, you don’t need a 10 step routine, and put together a routine that always works

It’s bursting with the skincare secrets I use to keep my acne-prone skin blemish-free.

If you are thinking all this from a book? Absolutely.

Look Younger Longer will give you the tips to keep your skin looking young and healthy for longer.


We’ve all seen the pictures if you want to look like her at 50 get this is where to start.

Here is Why

➡️Your skin is the first thing people notice when they meet you &  you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression.

➡️Did you know the older your look the less likely you are to advance in your career and this is worse for women?  

➡️Do we even want to get into ”side chicks or what happens when a wife has started to show her age?

Don’t worry it’s not all doom and gloom. You can prevent this with the right skincare routine Look Younger Longer gives you a roadmap on exactly what you need to do.

Why Should You listen to Me?

Hello, I’m Dr Chizo

If you don’t know me here’s what you need to know

  • I am Medical Doctor with over 20 years’ experience
  • I have helped over 523 women & counting transform their skin
  • I am a former Acne sufferer
  • What can I say I know my stuff

If you are ready to unlock your confidence and face the world without worrying about how your skin looks then get this book.

Here’s what Others have to say About Look Younger Longer

Skip the Guesswork & Get Blemish-Free skin with

Look Younger Longer

Let’s Go Behind The Scenes

➡️You learn 2 methods on how to identify your skin type without paying for a consultation or assessment you do it yourself! Pg 13

➡️Find out how to layer your serums, which ones work well together & which don’t so you don’t have any side effects Pg 34

➡️Find out the product I use that has kept my skin looking 10 years younger,it works for ALL skin types Pg 56

➡️Discover the most affordable and effective skincare brands on the market, so you don’t go broke trying to look good Pg 51

Look Younger Longer is a roadmap on how I transformed my skin, from perpetually acne-prone to one that gets me compliments ALL the time.

It will do the same for you.

#katehenshaw effect.

Find out the insider secrets on how to ⛔️the ageing process in its tracks

You Get 2 Bonuses!

Finding Genuine products can be a struggle, get my personal recommendations on where to buy your products in Nigeria & beyond hassle-free!

Mistake proof your first attempt with a sample skincare routine that shows listing all the products you need to get started so you can build from there.

This book is so packed with so much information it seems like a crime to sell it at this price!

Get the ” Look Younger Longer: The Beginners Guide to Flawless skin as a gift to your future self.

No more confusion on how to build an effective skincare routine, this guide provides a framework to get you started immediately even as a complete beginner!

No more guesswork. No more buying products willy nilly hoping that they will work, No more money wasted RESULTS ONLY.

You are getting a look behind the scenes at the EXACT framework I use to keep my skin blemish-free.

P.S. Don’t forget, this is a limited time N5,500 offer and it won’t be available forever. To get Look Younger Longer at its discounted price, hit the button above get it today

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