Hi, I’m Dr Chizo!

Chizo E. MBBS. MPH, MBA  Author and Founder of Beauty Harbour.

I work with executive and mid-level career women to boost their confidence in the workplace by designing effective personalised skincare routines that take away the stress of worrying about how they come across at work.

I have reached over 26,000 women globally with my’ webinars, digital products, & consultations.


When I was 13 I harassed my mother to buy St Ivies Apricot scrub & it was an introduction to skincare. Fast forward to my early 20s destroyed my skin using an unbranded no-name lotion the second phase of my skincare journey began as I struggled to get my skin back to normal

By 2018  after almost a decade of research, I started a blog to share what I had learned along the way. Because I noticed that a lot of women wanted to improve their skin or were dealing with skincare issues but had no clue where to start. That was the genesis of my bespoke skincare consultation- to provide guidance to executive women who want to look their best but are not sure where to start.

It has since morphed into much more as in addition to consultations, I conduct webinars, have several ebooks and so far, have helped hundreds of women on their journey to flawless skin.

FREE guide -4 steps to heal your skin barrier

Here is how to your skin back to normal FAST.
In this guide, you’ll learn:
▶️The main causes of a damaged barrier.

▶️Top 5 ingredients to use for a damaged barrier.

▶️Product recommendations for each step

One BONUS tip that lets you know what to expect once you start on the barrier-building routine


There are a few ways to work with me and it’s really up to you how intense you want to get and how much support you want.

The personalized consultation where you have direct access to me for months or get one of my video courses or eBooks  ( each one of these will be hyperlinked to their pages so they can see details ).

You can even book a call with me.

Make sure to connect with me on Instagram @beautyharbour and if you have a moment, I’d love to learn more about your skincare goals.

For questions or business inquiries email me at beautyharbourblog@gmail.com 

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PS: Check out my book Banish Breakouts for anyone struggling with Acne:  https://selar.co/breakouts


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