Find out How to Get rid of your Breakouts Without Breaking The Bank

Up to 60% of adults are still developing breakouts well into adulthood. This comes with feelings of insecurity and judgement from family & friends.

Breakouts as an adult come with the dreaded question

β€˜β€™ what happened to your face” 

I am sure that you are tired of being a target of that question.

The best way to ensure you NEVER get that question again is to GET rid of your acne.

πŸ”·It isn’t by taking random product recommendations from friends
πŸ”·It isn’t by using damaging DIY skincare (lemon juice I am looking at you)
πŸ”·It isn’t by trial and error of products without rhyme or reason

It is by learning how to manage your breakouts the right way

This is the difference between hiding away from the world or heading out with confidence knowing you look your best.

Meet Cynthia a 40-year-old manager in the past 6 months it has been one breakout after another. Like most women, Cynthia asked her friend for advice. Unfortunately, the products she recommended have made things 10 times worse.

Now she has to wear a full face of makeup anytime she leaves the house. Even then she knows that people notice the bumps and blemishes under there.

This is not the right way to seek help for breakouts.

Meet Modupe an entrepreneur. Like most business owners she needs to look good to β€˜β€™sell her market β€˜β€™ but her skin doesn’t let her shine.

Whenever she sees an acne product that promises to solve the breakouts she jumps on it. Big mistake. Right now she has more problems than she started with breakouts plus dark patches.

Again this is not a good look or the right way to get this right.

Managing Acne is not by trial and error

You need a routine that combines the right products that give you great results every time.
There are simple principles to managing which are easily applied when you know what they are!
Look at Bukola’s transformation. Once she discovered how to use her skincare products the right way. She realized that although she had the right products the way she combined them made her skin worse.

We were able to tweak her routine and soon her skin was telling the right story.
One of the things Bukola did right was using standard skincare brands. No hocus pocus or magical products

Do you finally want to get the skin you deserve and stop experimenting with your skin?
Are you ready for skin that gets you compliments, not questions?



A step-by-step video series that shows you exactly how to get rid of your breakouts the right way

The perfect bundle with videos, eBooks and a checklist that gives you a roadmap on exactly what products to use to get rid of your breakouts

▢️ It includes how to deal with mindset issues, case studies & product recommendations.

▢️ Get the roadmap to identifying your acne, the right products & how to deal with the mental aspect of dealing with breakouts

No confusing skincare jargon a simple guide that shows you step by step the best routine to clear breakouts. You won’t find anything like this elsewhere

  • Simple teaching style
  • A step-by-step approach
  • 6 modules that build on each other allow you to completely understand a concept before you move on

Who is this course for

βœ… Any woman who is struggling with breakouts and doesn’t know why

βœ… Any woman who has tried multiple products with zero or worse results

βœ… Any woman who wants a simple but effective routine

βœ… It is for all ages if you have acne it will work for you 

βœ… If you are completely new to skincare or not you will be able to understand

βœ… Anyone who wants a quick but effective routine that will take less than 5 mins each time

At the end of this course, you will be able to identify what causes your breakouts and how to get rid of them them

♦️ How to manage the negative emotions that come with a skincare condition

♦️ How to boost your confidence while your skin heals

♦️ Understand what products to include in your skincare routine & why they work on your skin

♦️ Learn how to combine the products without any side effects

♦️ Learn what supplements and foods trigger breakouts

Not everyone can afford to see a dermatologist, it can be expensive and time-consuming.
This course closes the gap between you and the information you need to clear your breakouts.

All without you leaving your house! How cool is that
Take advantage of this course to get tips & and tactics that teach you how to get blemish-free skin.

Let’s look at what students have to say about my teaching style

”Very informative, I came away feeling like a guru”

” So much information but well broken down so I can start implementing immediately

”Eye-opening, factual and realistic, you went straight to the heart of the matter no dabbling ”

The Course Content

This course is organized into Modules with each Module being a building block for the next.

πŸ“ŒModule 1: Why do you have breakouts? understanding the causes & types of acne

πŸ“ŒModule 2: The ingredients heroes: which products are the best for treating acne

πŸ“ŒModule 3: How to manage & treat your breakouts with your skincare routine + Dr office treatments

πŸ“ŒModule 4: Acne Side effects and how to manage them

πŸ“ŒModule 5: Acne and self-esteem ways to keep your mental health intact

πŸ“ŒModule 6: How your diet can contribute to acne and tips to manage it

πŸ“ŒModule 7: Say no to supplements, which supplements can trigger acne

In addition to these 6 modules, you get 2 very exciting bonuses

It is a steal, right? I am sure you are wondering why we are giving this bundle to you at N5000 and including these very exciting bonuses.


The price will increase daily so jump in now

If you are thinking – “I’m busy, I don’t have time to watch the videos, guess how long you have access to them?

Don’t waste any more time and energy worrying about your skin.
Deal with it now and move on with your life with your confidence at an all-time high.

Here’s a note for you from the Course Creator, in her own words

Hello, my name is Dr Chizo

I am the person you have been looking for to make understanding skincare fun & as simple as ABC. It is a pleasure to have you here.

Let me tell you a little about my journey.

In my early 20s my skin was ravaged by cystic acne and I tried so many products to get it back to normal. Even with my medical background, it was hard! I won’t lie but I did it after loads of research and trial & error.

Fast-forward to 2018, I noticed so much dangerous information on social media. So I decided to start BEAUTY HARBOUR to provide accurate skin care tips for beginners.

My approach is to break down skincare into simple easy to understandable language. Now I have an amazing community of women on social media whom I give daily skincare tips.

Relax, you are in safe hands. I learned over my 17-year medical career the best way to teach women with zero skincare knowledge.

I am the skincare authority and my superpower is making the complex simple.

So yes, go ahead and buy this Course.”.

Get a sneak peek into Module 4

Time is running out – The Price will go up soon!

The Course delivery is amazing!

When you purchase this bundle, you get an email. please keep an eye on your inbox and junk box (promotions folder in Gmail). You will get a zipped folder, that folder will contain 3 pdfs, one titled access your bundle with a link to the bundle videos and your bonuses.

It is the perfect DIY (Do it yourself) bundle where I hold your hand as you build an effective routine from scratch! Have no fears you will do this like a pro once you understand the basics that the bundle teaches you.

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