Get Flawless Skin With This Simple Step-by-Step Guide

What if I told you that you could

Discover why your skin keeps breaking out and how to stop it completely

Find out the BEST ingredients for your skin so and save half of your skincare budget?

Get product recommendations and the best vendors to get them from based on my personal experience.

Say ‘’goodbye’’ to products that promise heaven and earth but do nothing

Wake up to clear blemish-free skin every day?

Sounds too good to be true?

I don’t blame you.

My guess is that you have seen countless brands promising that their product is the solution!

You may have tried a few and they didn’t work.

You’ve also read numerous Instagram posts telling you how to combine this or that products

Or you have taken advice from your friends on DIY concoctions to use on your skin 

And just like the ‘’magic products ‘’ they made your skin much worse.

Now you are confused, annoyed and even a little afraid that you have permanently damaged your skin and you worry that you won’t ever find a solution to your skincare woes.

That is because most of the information is incomplete.

Getting rid of Breakouts is simple.

You don’t need a complicated system with ‘’special ‘’ products that are only accessible from one person.

You need practical step-by-step information

With products that you can get from any skincare store.


A step-by-step guide to managing acne


Does this sound like you?

  1. You have tried multiple products

At this point, the real question should be which product haven’t you tried? But none has worked & despite using any product that seems promising your skin is still the same.

2. You have struggled for months or even longer

 Your acne is slowly becoming part of your identity because you have struggled with it for a while. And the longer it takes the more you are concerned that it won’t ever go away.

3. Your esteem is taking a beating

Mirrors are not your friend anymore & you find yourself dodging functions because you don’t want the questions. Even taking a picture cannot happen without using heavy filters, it is exhausting.

Here’s what others who have worked with me have to say

If you are wondering what is possible let my skin do the talking. Both are me. One is before I started using the principles in this book, so if you are looking for results like this then get this book and your skin will thank you!


This book is simple to understand with easy-to-follow directions so is the best for newbies. Imagine getting your information with such gorgeous illustrations.

I’m Dr Chizo, The Best-Selling Author, and Skincare Specialist.

My speciality? I simplify skincare principles for career women so that you have practical easy to implement tips. And I do it with no-fluff, actionable advice, with a pinch of tough love.

Over the past few years, I have helped hundreds of women transform their skin.  I know how to help you build a solid skincare habit even if you are a complete beginner.

I don’t just tell you what to do or how to do something. I tell you WHY as well as WHAT you shouldn’t do, so you know EXACTLY how to apply this to your skin.

First, there are some HUGE misconceptions and myths about what it takes to treat acne and breakouts.

Here’s what I want you to know:

MISCONCEPTION #1 – Acne is From Dirty Skin

That’s a dangerous half-truth and one of the reasons your skin isn’t improving.

You wash and wash your face constantly expecting to notice a difference in how your skin looks.

Instead of fewer breakouts, you get even more!


Washing your face constantly only makes things worse, not better.

You only get the benefits when you have the right frequency

Get it wrong you are stuck with your acne and a dry face.

MISCONCEPTION #2 – It worked for my friend so it will work for me

So you are twins? right

Even twins may need different products

You aren’t your friend.

You have different medical histories & skin types so what worked for her skin may not work for you.

Therefore you need a routine for your skin.

MISCONCEPTION #3 – You only need one product

Sorry to break the bad news, but even someone with clear skin needs to use at least 3 products to keep their skin healthy & blemish-free.

Looking for a ‘’magic product ‘’ that will cure all your skincare issues is a fairytale.

You need a proper skincare routine with more than one product, that is if you want results for your skin.

So, decide

Are you ready to do what you need to do to get your breakouts?

Or do you just like talking about it?

Because results require action.

Get  Ready To Turn the Tables on Your Breakouts!

In 5 simple chapters + 3 fantastic bonuses

I reveal the process I used to get my skin from

‘’what happened to your face ‘’ to

‘’Your skin is glowing what products do you use ‘’

I’m giving you the EXACT framework.

This is the same step-by-step method that I use for my VIP clients.

And get them blemish-free in less than 4 weeks.

In this book, you’ll discover

That’s Not all you Get 3 Fantastic Bonuses as well!

Shopping RecommendationsMistakes Making Breakouts Worse

Getting the right products can make or break your skin and using substandard or fake products has been the start of major skincare issues. This ebook gives you a list of reputable vendors nationwide

Mistakes Making Breakouts Worse

This 17-page ebook has 16 of the most common mistakes that make your breakouts worse and what you need to do instead

How to Pop A Pimple Safety

.I know popping a pimple is unavoidable sometimes. This 14-page ebook shows you how to do it right, step by step without damaging your skin or causing scars.

Get ALL of these for N3,500

This is exactly what you get when you purchase one PDF with links to all the resources. No complicated multi-downloads.

 A plug-and-play skincare routine that chooses the right products for each step in your skincare routine so you don’t have to think about it at all.

Would you like to hear more?

Here are 5 reasons why this is the Perfect Guide to managing your breakouts

  1. You don’t need any prior knowledge it is for a complete beginner
  2. It takes you only 1 hour to create a routine that works, there are products for each step you need.
  3. You save money on skincare, and no more spending money on products that may or may not work, It will
  4. The price is a dream compared to the value that you get in the eBook it’s like a mini consultation in your pocket
  5. You instantly get everything you need to get started with your routine, it’s all there the perfect blend of ease of use, friendly pricing and simple deployment it’s your best friend.

So how do I pay for the book?

2 simple ways to pay in Nigeria and one way outside Nigeria

  1. Using a card, click any button on this page and you will be charged N3500 You don’t need to send an email if you pay with the card, it is 100% automatic.
  2. Or you can pay with a bank transfer. Pay to Beauty Harbor, V BANK (VFD MICROFINANCE BANK) Account number 46 00 05 31 93. This option will cost you an extra 200 naira, so you get to pay 3700 NAIRA.

After payment, please ensure to email: with evidence of payment, You MUST send an email if you pay by transfer it is the only way you will get access to your book

3. Pay from outside Nigeria by clicking HERE. You can pay in over 10 currencies


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