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Learn everything you need to know about the much-talked-about Clear Skin Academy.

Registration is on-going
Registration closes 20th November r 2023
Classes resume on 23rd November 2023

Join The Clear Skin Academy and

  • Achieve clear healthy skin regardless of your age, skin type or budget
  • Address common skin issues like dark spots, ageing, acne, dryness, and even pregnancy-related skin problems.
  • Master the essential steps, from identifying your skin type to understanding skincare do’s and don’ts.
  • Find out the best skincare ingredients for your skin type and budget.
  • Clarify the overwhelming world of skincare by learning how to separate facts from myths.
  • Understand why DIY skincare like lemon juice won’t magically make your skin glow nor will turmeric ever reduce acne scarring.
  • Learn why a high price doesn’t always mean guaranteeing effective products.

Clear Skin Academy is a 3-day online school that teaches you everything you need to achieve radiant and healthy skin.

It takes you through understanding your skin type, common myths, choosing the right ingredients, and creating an effective routine, and much more.

It’s the BEST online skincare course for a woman who wants to look and feel good. The Clear Skin Academy is the most detailed guide for women of all ages and skin types.

Join us today to get the glow.

5 categories of people attend Clear Skin Academy.

  1. Women with Acne-prone Skin: These women are tired of dealing with constant breakouts. They come to the academy to learn how to treat & prevent acne.
  2. Young Women with Great Skin: These women have naturally great skin but want to preserve the glow and clarity as they go through life.
  3. Women over 40  – These women have noticed fine lines and wrinkles and want them gone. They want information on how to reverse them and keep their skin looking young.
  4. Women discouraged with Ineffective Products: They’ve tried different skincare products with zero results. This shows them how to choose what works for their skin.
  5. Women Overwhelmed by Information: They want to learn what is important to their skin and what is not. This way they are more confident with their choices.

Only 2 simple criteria

  1. You should have an interest in skincare and be willing to implement what you learn consistently.
  2. You should be able to commit just one hour daily to take classes. If you miss your classes on any day, you can take it later on. Every class is recorded and kept for you.

It’s a 3-day academy that covers the fundamentals of skincare and shows you the step-by-step process of getting your skin clear and keeping it youthful.

Here is the curriculum for the course.

Module 1: Introduction to Skincare

  • Understanding the importance of skincare
  • The science of the skin: Epidermis, dermis, and more
  • Common misconceptions, myths, and skincare mistake

Module 2: Identifying Skin Types

  • Discover your skin type: Oily, dry, combination, sensitive.
  • Does my complexion matter? The other skin classification.
  • How to address each skin type effectively

Module 3: skincare steps and what you need for each step.

  • The 5-step routine + the extended + smaller routine
  • How to choose the right products for each step
  • How to choose the products for each skin type
  • Understanding skincare labels.

Module 4: Actives in Skincare

  • Introduction to active ingredients
  • Classification of actives &functions
  • How to combine actives for each skin type with no side effects
  • How to incorporate actives into your routine AM vs PM

Module 5: Anti-Aging Skincare

  • What are the signs & types of ageing?
  • Using skincare to prevent ageing
  • Skincare procedures – for anti – ageing micro-needling and chemical peels
  • Products and routines for mature skin

Module 6: Pregnancy & post-partum skincare

  • Understanding pregnancy skin changes +special considerations
  • What not to use during pregnancy + other practices
  • How to address common skin issues during pregnancy
  • PDF & worksheets

Module 7: Building Your Skincare Routine

  • AM vs. PM routines
  • The essential steps: cleanse, tone, treat, moisturize, protect.
  • How to incorporate active ingredients into your routine with no side effects.

Module 8: Skin Conditions & Routines

  • Acne-prone skin: causes and solutions.
  • Dry and sensitive skin: Gentle approaches and hydration
  • Hyperpigmentation and dark spots: Lightening agents and sun protection
  • Ageing gracefully: Routines for mature skin.

Module 9: Putting It All Together

  • creating a personalized skincare routine
  • Product selection and ingredient compatibility
  • How to adjust your routine per season and location Adjusting routines seasonally
  • 23 years of medical practice
  • Worked in over 6 countries in Africa in reproductive health and Malaria
  • Lover of learning, technology and books
  • Brilliant entrepreneur & public speaker
  • Known as the Queen of simplified skincare
  • MBA from the top 3 business schools in the world
  • Reached over 100,000 women yearly via my blog.
  • Writer of the premier Nigerian beauty blog Beauty In Lagos.
  • Brilliant entrepreneur & public speaker
  • Founder of Beauty Harbor, Nigeria’s leading skincare consultation firm

Flexible Learning Schedule

Thursday to Saturday: 2 hours of classes (Your choice of any 2 hours)

Daily: 1 hour of Q&A and reviews (8 pm to 9 pm Nigerian time)

All sessions are recorded for replay.

Clear Skin Academy makes learning easy. You can access all class materials on your phone, tablet, or computer. No need to purchase any additional software.

Clear Skin Academy is one that is simple and easy to follow. After all, learning should be enjoyable.

You can access all your classes from your phone.

The classes and the community are accessed via two simple tools:

1. Selar – A learning management software for which your video classes are released daily.

2. Telegram – Just like WhatsApp, is used for the community. This is where everyone is free to talk and gist. Live sessions and daily review sessions are also held on Telegram.

Clear Skin Equals Confidence

In a world that values appearance, clear skin and confidence go hand in hand. Whether you’re a business owner, an employee, a graduate, or a homemaker, clear skin can boost your confidence and self-esteem.

Women who are seen as attractive do better at work and in business. Clear is 60% of that attractiveness.

If success in business or your career is important to you, your skin needs to be front and centre.

You cannot afford to leave It to chance you need all the help you can get.

Enrollment for Clear Skin Academy is currently ongoing.
Classes commence on the 23rd of November 2023.
Enrollment will run till the deadline of 2oth November 2023
You should enrol now.

In the online skincare world, most people focus on getting you to buy their products. Instead of teaching you the foundations of skincare.

This is where Clear Skin Academy stands out.

I am not selling you any skincare products.

I repeat I am not selling you any skincare product.

This academy is not telling you one specific brand is the best. It’s about understanding why certain ingredients work so you can choose the right one irrespective of brand.

When you enrol in Clear Skin Academy, you’ll understand exactly what products will work for you and why.

Need to be convinced? Here are the reasons you need to run into the academy.

🚀Get a confidence boost: Picture waking up, looking into the mirror, and feeling fantastic about your skin. With the newfound knowledge and changes to your skin from the academy you will radiate confidence effortlessly

🚀Look 10 Years Younger: Who wouldn’t want to rewind the clock? With Clear Skin Academy, you’ll unlock skin care tips that can turn back the clock, making you look a full decade younger. Get ready for questions on if you are your child’s older sister because your skin will exude that youthful vibrance…

🚀Ditch heavy makeup and say hello to Lip-gloss and Eye pencil life: Picture this, you wake up, splash a bit of water on your face, add a touch of lip gloss, define your eyes with a pencil, and you’re set to conquer the day! No need for layers of makeup before the school run to avoid those awkward m moments. You’ll always look fabulous because your skin is radiant!

🚀Look like a Rich auntie all day every day: Want the aura of sophistication that comes with blemish-free skin? The Clear Skin Academy give you the tips and tricks you need to achieve that opulent look without the huge price tag. You’ll look like you belong with the posh crowd giving off the air of affluence and elegance.

🚀Save Money and Time: Say goodbye to the never-ending cycle of buying expensive skincare that promise the moon but leave you disappointed. Rescue your wallet when you learn how to choose the right products and save a bundle.

🚀Don’t be a product junkie:  Let’s face it; your bathroom shouldn’t look like a skincare store. You learn how to streamline your routine, with zero hoarding! This way you know what works and simplify your life.

A certificate of attendance is awarded at the end of the 3-day academy.

Join the Clear Skin Academy community and embark on a journey to radiant, healthy skin. Enrol now to secure your spot!

Take classes on your phone, on your tab, on your computer, wherever you are. Whether at home, during a break at work, or on the bus, just enjoy the classes.

All classes in Clear Skin Academy are recorded. Some are pre-recorded, and some are live sessions which are also recorded. You never miss anything at the Academy. 
Participants have one full year of access to all class notes videos and resources.

  1. Will there be a Certificate? Yes, the Academy issues certificates to every participant who completes the Course and does the official sign-off.
  2. I work full-time, does this Course fit for me? Yes, it does. The course topics are pre-recorded, you can watch them anytime. You have one-year access. The discussions in the community, you can read anytime. You never lose anything.
  3. Can I pay now? Yes, you can pay now. You can pay anything. Just email us and let us know which Batch you are enrolling for. So, you pay 35,600 Naira to Moniepoint Microfinance Bank, Account Number 8242531998, Account Name BeautyHarbour Then email aharbouracademy@gmail.com  attaching your evidence of payment.
  4. I am a mother; can I enrol my Teenager? Yes, you can. The Clear Skin Academy is a great place for young women to learn about their skin before they learn any of the damaging bad skincare habits.
  5. Do I need to have any skincare skills or experience to join the Academy? No, you do not. No skincare knowledge is needed. We will teach you everything you need. Just be able to use a computer. 
  6. Can I pay in instalments? Yes, you can. Click here to read about paying in instalments.
  7. When does enrollment close? Enrollment into any batch closes on the 20th of the month before classes resume. 

Registration is on-going
Registration closes 20th November 2023
Classes resume on 23rd November 2023


TELEGRAM GROUP : https://t.me/+9Ur8LB5Z-JdkM2U8

If you still have any questions, just join the Telegram group and ask. We love to hear from you.

In the Telegram group, you can ask questions and you can learn much more about the Academy.


Registration is on-going
Registration closes 20th November 2023
Classes resume on 23rd November 2023

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