Registration closes on the 30th of May 2024 for the 3rd cohort.

Unlock the Secrets Behind Clear Radiant Skin – No Expertise Needed

Are you tired of covering up your skin with heavy makeup?

Are you tired of hiding behind filters in your pictures?

Are you tired of people telling you look exhausted?

If your goal is to be able to go out with just lipgloss and your brows.

Then you are in the right place.

The good news is that clear skin is possible and doesn’t have to be difficult.

This program is for you if you

👩🏾Have acne-prone Skin: and are tired of dealing with breakouts that affect your self-esteem. Here you will correct any mistakes and learn what to do instead.

👩🏾Have you noticed wrinkles – Are wrinkles and fine lines getting you down? Learn the secrets to youthful skin here.

👩🏾 Tired of Ineffective Products: You have bought everything under the sun, but your skin still hasn’t changed ? program helps you choose the right ones and ditch the rest.

👩🏾Information overload: We’ve got you covered. Learn the essentials and ditch the confusion (save money too!).

👩🏾Have great skin: Do you want to keep it that way? Life can wreak havoc on a good complexion. Learn how to keep yours healthy (the right way!)

Here is what past participants had to say



The 3-day online event teaches you everything you need to achieve CLEAR and RADIANT skin and get RESULTS with your skincare products.

Join hundreds of women from across the globe who have gone from basic to fabulous as they level up their skin and their lives.


  • Become your skin’s best friend, understand its behaviour and what it needs to remain clear.
  • Ditch the hype, get real results! Choose science-backed skincare for healthy skin.
  • Glow on a budget! Get practical tips for healthy, clear skin (without spending a fortune).

Plus, so much more! scroll down to see what else comes with this course.

The dates in 2024 are , February 29th, 2024, May 30th 2024, August 29th 2024, November 30th 2024

What’s included in the Clear Skin Academy? Let’s Take a Look Inside the Course.

DAY 1: Skincare Fundamentals how to get started

Module 1: Introduction to Your Skin &mistakes

  • Determine how to identify your skin type oily, dry, combination, or sensitive.
  • Learn how to care for your complexion be it light or dark. 
  • Debunk the common skincare myth, mistakes and what to do instead.

Module 2: How to choose actives for the Glow  

  • Discover the most important active ingredients you need to know.
  • Learn how to choose the right products for your face & skin type.
  • Find out how to read and understand skincare labels for your skin.

DAY 2: Creating a Customized Skincare Routine for Your Face & Body.

Module 3: How to create a morning & night routine.

  • 5 steps to the glow, learn how to cleanse, tone, treat, moisturize & protect your skin.
  • Create a lean skincare routine with the essentials.
  • Learn how to maximize your skincare budget & get the biggest bang for your buck.

Module 4:  How to get an even-toned body.

  • Find out the best actives for an even-toned, bump-free body
  • Discover how to create a body routine –pre-shower, shower and post-shower steps  
  • Managing body conditions – stretch marks, body acne and ingrown hairs (especially down there ….)

DAY 3: How to manage common skin conditions & keep wrinkles away.

Module 5: How to keep wrinkles and lines away.

  • Find out the signs that give your age away and how to prevent them.
  • Learn how to use your skincare to prevent wrinkles, lines and signs of ageing.
  • Which cosmetic procedure is right for you? Botox, fillers or peels how to choose the right one.

Module 6:  Managing  the most common skin conditions 

  • Acne-prone skin: Causes, types & product recommendations for management.
  • Dry and sensitive skin: Keeping your skin hydrated, preventing allergic reactions, how to choose the best products.
  • Dark spots &hyperpigmentation: getting clear blemish-free skin, brightening products & how to use hydroquinone safely.
  • Ageing gracefully: creating routines to keep wrinkles and lines away.
  • Seasonal modifications, how to change your routine for each season and climate.

Here’s why I am the best person to show you how to take your skin to the next level

✔️Transformed the skin of hundreds of women across over 15 countries and counting

✔️Written 150 skincare articles with my blog reaching over 100k women a year

✔️Regular contributor to the Nigerian premier beauty website – Beauty in Lagos

✔️Eliminated my cystic acne years ago and have kept my skin in excellent condition

✔️Qualified medical doctor with over two decades of experience

Program structure

And if you get stuck, remember we have a community on telegram, so you are covered.

I know what you may be thinking, do I have the time to go through the videos?

Yes, all you will need is 1hr in your 24 hr, to go through the information, make the changes and get results.

This is beginner-level so don’t worry if you have zero knowledge or are more advanced in your journey there is something there for you.

You can access all your classes from your phone.

Clear Skin Academy makes learning about skincare enjoyable.

1. Selar – A learning management software for which your video classes are released daily.

The classes and the community are accessed via two simple tools:

2. Telegram – Just like WhatsApp, connects you to your coursemates with access to links to the daily review sessions group.

Need more convincing? Here’s why you need this academy in your life.

🚀Get a Confidence Boost: Picture waking up, looking into the mirror, and feeling fantastic about your skin. With the newfound knowledge and changes to your skin from the academy you will radiate confidence effortlessly

🚀Look 10 Years Younger: Who wouldn’t want to rewind the clock? Unlock skin care tips that can turn back the clock, making you look a full decade younger and exude youthful vibrance…

🚀Ditch heavy Makeup and say hello to Lip-gloss life: Picture this, you wake up, splash a bit of water on your face, add a touch of lip gloss, define your eyes with a pencil, and you’re set to conquer the day! No need for layers of makeup before the school run to avoid those awkward m moments.

🚀Look like a Rich Auntie all Day every Day: Want the aura of sophistication that comes with blemish-free skin? Get the tips and tricks you need to achieve that opulent look without the huge price tag. You’ll look like you belong with the posh crowd giving off the air of affluence and elegance.

🚀Save Money and Time: Say goodbye to the never-ending cycle of buying expensive skincare and rescue your wallet when you learn to choose the right products and save a bundle.

🚀Don’t be a Product Junkie:  Let’s face it; your bathroom shouldn’t look like a skincare store. You learn how to streamline your routine, with zero hoarding! This way you know what works and simplify your life.

 N21,000 |$25 ONLY!  Prices change for the next cohort.

Ready to join me? You’ve got Two Options


Join the Clear Skin Academy and get access to daily classes and reviews.

A community with a telegram group where you can interact and ask questions.



Naira only

You can pay in 2 instalments, you pay 12k Naira now and 12k Naira later.

The instalment costs more because of the cost of managing them. Full payment shall be made before enrolment into the Academy.
Classes resume on 23rd November 2023 and payments must have been fully before the 20th to join the classes.

If you still have questions, join the Telegram group and ask. We love to hear from you. In the Telegram group, you can ask questions and learn much more about the Academy.

A certificate of attendance is awarded at the end of the 3-day academy. Join the Clear Skin Academy community and get on your journey to radiant, healthy skin.

Enrol now to secure your spot.

Who is this for

✅You are dissatisfied and insecure with how your skin currently looks

✅You want to level up your skin regardless of your budget, age, or lifestyle.

✅You are fed up with waking up to a wardrobe filled with products that don’t work and you are confused about how to use which makes you feel anxious and confused

✅You haven’t been able to get any results despite spending money on all the ‘’holy grail ‘’products it is pretty much hit-and-miss.

✅You are tired of copying influencer routines from Instagram or YouTube, but you keep failing.

✅You need step-by-step guidance to create a routine that works & you realize the best way to get results is by working with a professional that gets results.

✅You are tired of copying influencer routines from Instagram or YouTube, but you keep failing and are ready to get off the trial-and-error train.

✅ You’re finally ready to invest the time to do what is needed so you always look your absolute best! and realize that waiting longer means more expense in the long run.

✅ You want to attract the right people and get compliments on your skin each time you walk into a room!

✅You want to look healthy and embody the ‘’rich auntie ‘vibe.

Who isn’t this for?

❌You are looking for one ‘’magic product ‘’ that will solve all your problems this is not for you. There isn’t a single product that can do that, you need a full routine with more than one product.

You are not ready to spend a reasonable amount on your skincare products – skincare costs money. Pay shea butter money and you get shea butter results.

❌ You think you will get instant results without putting in the work. Years of acne can’t disappear overnight or in a few days, you must be patient and give it at least 6 weeks.

❌You have no plans to be consistent –skincare is a daily routine using a product once isn’t enough nor will it give you results.

❌You expect to change your genes e.g. you have oily skin but expect it to transform into something else. I am not a magician.


VF BANK ( VFB Microfinance Bank), Account Name : Beauty Harbour ,Account Number 4600053193

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

I have helped tons of clients and students in the last 5 years, and I know that my system works.

This means I am 100% sure that if you implement my strategies to give your skin the time it needs it WILL change.


In 2024 there will be 4 cohorts

  • May 30th 2024
  • February 29th, 2024
  • August 29th 2024
  • November 30th 2024

It costs N21,000 $ 30 £ 21

The CSA is a 3-day online program that shows you how to curate a personalized and effective skincare routine, level up your skin with the information you need for a timeless  routine

Yes this is for any woman who is interested in clearing up or keeping her skin looking good. From acne, dark spots, wrinkles dry skin there is something for everyone.

Yes if you execute and follow through with the information I provide consistently your skin WILL change. The changes will not happen overnight but in 4-6 weeks I guarantee your skin will change

Multiple payment options are available such as; Stripe, AMEX, Mastercard, Visa, PayPal, Klarna, Google pay & Apple pay.

Classes start on the 23rd of November and you will be added to the groups closer to to the start date.

Yes, you can! We have had women from over 15 countries join us in the program.


I’ve created Skincare University to be as easy to follow as it can possibly get. If you can follow simple step-by-step instructions, you can follow along successfully and not be left out.


No, they are not. However, the eBooks, workbooks and bonus materials are downloadable in PDF format.


I pride myself on providing the best support possible for all my customers. If you have any issues accessing the course at any time, you can email us at and we will get you sorted !


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