How To Get Great Skin in 5 mins or Less

Your skin isn’t what it used to be.

It’s a breakout today,

A dark spot here or a rash there!

Even on the days when it ‘’seems ‘’ okay it is dry, rough and dull

And never used to be like this.

You tried every new ‘’holy grail ‘’ product and nothing has worked.

Instead, you have a shelf full of products and an unhappy bank account.

Skincare issues get progressively worse over time

The longer it remains untreated the greater the likelihood of scarring or permanent damage.

Let’s not even go into the cost of reversing poorly managed skincare issues.

In today’s world where your appearance can determine how the world treats you, flawless skin can contribute to your climb to the top of the ladder.

Speaking from experience when I had cystic acne, I was embarrassed, I felt the stares and was uncomfortable showing up for normal activities.

Before I knew it I wasn’t contributing to meetings because I didn’t want to be seen.

I let a manageable skincare condition rob me of my confidence and affect my career.

But it doesn’t have to be that way, you can transform your skin with the Skincare Concierge Service.

Let me tell you about my client ”B”.

‘’B’’ came to me with hormonal adult-onset acne which she had tried to treat with zero success. She had seen a dermatologist, who had given her a number of prescription medications including an androgen blocker. These helped, but only for a short time as soon as she came off the meds, her acne returned and was worse.

She found me via Instagram, and after watching several of my videos she contacted me for help. Once she signed- up we implemented a 2 step process to repair her skin and heal it from the barrage of products she had used and get rid of her acne permanently.

What My Clients Say About Me

Blemish-free, glowing skin is within your reach.

Here are some of their testimonials including B who is still shocked and ecstatic that her skin is finally blemish-free.

With the Skincare Concierge Service

Sign up for this service and you get:

  • A video consultation session where we discuss your skin issues in detail,  your goals, and how to achieve them.
  • A detailed explanation of your skin issues and product recommendations. 
  • A comprehensive routine tailored to your lifestyle & budget which outlines each step on availability, cost and preference.
  • A personalized routine calendar that highlights when and how to use each product during the week.
  • Follow-up & accountability I am a chat away to keep you on track and answer additional questions
  • Direct website links to products and vendors irrespective of location, so you dont need to search for available products (trusted vendors in Nigeria).
  • Product recommendations with at least 2 products for each step in your routine, giving you options.

Which Concierge Service is Right for You?

Because we all have different needs, you can get access to the skin concierge service in 2 ways

  • A 1-hour video consultation discuss your skincare skin type and skin issues & routine based on your lifestyle
  • Product recommendations & alternatives in line with your budget
  • A detailed A.M and P.M routine + a daily routine calendar on when to use
  • Direct product links on where to buy based on your location
  • Bi-weekly check-in via email or Whatsapp or as needed
  • Monthly video check-ins with your skincare routine tweaked based on progress
  • Product recommendation for the body
  • Recommendations for office procedures
  • A 30-minute video consultation to discuss your skincare issues and routine based on your lifestyle
  • Product recommendations and alternatives in line with your budget
  • A detailed A.M and P.M routine + a daily routine calendar on when to use
  • Direct product links on where to buy based on your location
  • One check-in 3 -4 weeks after your initial consultation.

N120,000 | $250

N35,500 | $85

The Slots Available are Limited.

Book Your Session Now

Every career woman knows making a great impression is important, a simple personalized routine tailored to your lifestyle gets your skin the attention it deserves

In case, we haven’t had the pleasure of meeting yet …

Hello, I’m Dr Chizo your skincare consultant. I teach women how to transform their skin by providing personalized recommendations on what works for their skin and why.

If you are ready to unlock your confidence and join women who are ahead of the game to face the world at your full potential un-inhibited by self-doubt then contact me.

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