You can pay for Clear Skin Academy in 2 instalments.

If you choose to pay in 2 instalments, you pay 12k Naira now and 12k Naira later.

The regular fee for the Academy is 21,000 Naira. Instalment payments cost slightly more because of the cost of managing them.

Full payment shall be made before enrolment into the Academy.
Classes resume on 30th May 2024, so payments must have been fully made to join the classes.

If you wish to pay in instalments, kindly pay the first instalment now to Account Name: Beauty Harbour, Moniepoint Microfinance Bank, Account Number 8242531998.

After payment, email stating your name and the payment details.

Please note that if you make an instalment payment and wish to cancel without completing the payment, there is a penalty charge of 4000 Naira, and then refund the balance within 10 working days.

All refunds follow the same process of 4000 Naira processing/penalty fee.

If you wish to pay the full fee of 21,0000 Naira at once, you can pay HERE.

Pay with paystack here

Pay in dollars, pounds or other currencies

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