Did you know in Korea women start their antiaging skincare routine at 11 years old?

Most families have a family facialist and visit every week. So you should not be surprised that their skincare methods have taken the world by storm and have the best results ever!

This is the world where toddler facials are a thing.

Most of us don’t start a skincare routine until we are in our 20s.

Even then, it is soap, water and some cream, which is an abomination in Korean skincare.

Like the quote says success leaves clues and if we want skin like Korean women, we need to do what they do.

You don’t need to reinvent the wheel, there is already a formula and that is what you are going to learn here.

Who it is for

Have you seen the 10 steps Korean skincare routine & thought who has the time to rub their face 10 times in the morning?
✅Are you someone who has seen skin online and through ‘’how is It possible for someone to have skin that looks like that?
✅Have you bought some Korean skincare products and found them confusing to use or they didn’t work at all?
Are you curious about what it is about why people are making noise about Korean skincare and want to learn more?

Then this is for you

This is me in 2015 my skin was in complete shambles from bad water & a hellish location.

It was during this period I discovered the transformative powers of Korean skincare. I will let my pictures do the talking this is me in 2015 before using Korean skincare and this is me today.

What a transformation.

Here are Some Basic Korean Skincare principles

▶️It takes your skin type into account and provides what it needs
▶️It goes in a step-by-step method with each step building on the next
▶️It has a multitude of products for each skin type so there is something for everyone

Do you want to learn how a Korean skincare routine can transform your skin into ‘’Glass Skin ‘’?


A complete guide to understanding the secrets and principles of Korean skincare.

This perfectly paced webinar gives you a step-by-step introduction to Korean skincare with product examples for each step.

Learn how to put together a basic Korean skincare routine with products readily available here in Nigeria without needing any skincare knowledge at all! it’s that simple.

Understanding the Korean skincare philosophy -what makes it different from western skincare

From affordable to luxury, I use product examples from all parts of the budget spectrum.

So, no matter where you are on the spectrum, I have something for you.

Here is what it covers

↔️ Understand the truth about the Korean skincare philosophy

↔️Think you need the 10-step routine? wrong learn how to change it based on your needs

↔️The dirty truth about why the Korean skincare industry is the least toxic (it will shock you)

↔️Find out where to find the most comprehensive collection of Korean skincare brands online, from affordable to are you crazy

↔️Why Korean sunscreens are the best in the world and how they do it better

Information on the internet can be difficult to understand. This means you are struggling to understand which part is important and which is not.

This solves that problem. I hold your hand and take you from the beginning to the end and ensure that you have all the information to get started.

If you have been looking for the information or wondering how to get started – this is it.

Here is What The Attendees Have To Say

She came away feeling like a Guru!

Well-detailed & easy to understand

She was able to take action immediately

She is made a change already! no more vicious face scrubbing!

She plans to start implementing it immediately

These are some of the questions the students had before the webinar

That’s not all, when you register for the webinar, you get access to 3 fantastic bonuses!

Yes, it is a steal and we pegged the price at N10,000 Naira only and included these exciting bonuses.


Don’t worry you have access to the videos for 1 full year so you can catch up anytime and your bonuses are for life!

Here’s a note for you from the Course Creator, in her own words

Hello, my name is Dr Chizo ,

I am that person you have been looking for to make understanding skincare fun & as simple as ABC. It is a pleasure to have you here. Let me tell you a little about my journey.

In my early 20’s my skin was ravaged by cystic acne and I tried so many products to get it back to normal. Even with my medical background, it was hard! I won’t lie but I did it after loads of research and trial & error.

Fast-forward to 2018, I noticed so much dangerous information on social media. So I decided to start BEAUTY HARBOUR to provide accurate skin care tips for beginners.

My approach is to break down skincare into simple easy understandable language. Now I have an amazing community of women on social media whom I give daily skincare tips.

Relax, you are in safe hands. I learned over my 17-year medical career the best way to teach women with zero skincare knowledge.

I am the skincare authority and my superpower is making the complex simple.
So yes, go ahead and buy this Course.

Get a Sneak Peek, here I am answering one of the many questions in the webinar

When you purchase this course, you get an email. Please keep an eye on both your inbox and junk box (promotions box in Gmail).

You will get 3 PDF files. 2 are your bonuses which means you can download them immediately and start watching. The 3rd which says ‘’ access videos ‘’ has the link to the webinar and you can start watching immediately as well!


🔷Location – you can watch it when you want to get instant access.

🔷When will I get my bonuses – check your email the bonuses are sent immediately after payment.

🔷How much do I pay – N7,999

🔷How do I access the webinar – Do you need a laptop or phone

🔷What are the terms and conditions for a refund – there is no refund for digital products all purchases are final.

🔷It is a replay so you are getting access to a video recording

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