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Does this Sound Familiar?

  • Do you keep spending money on special skincare creams that don’t work?
  • Your skin looks dull and lifeless despite all your efforts (or not )
  • You seem to have new wrinkles on your face even when your peers don’t   
  • You can’t go out without a full face of makeup because you aren’t comfortable with how it looks
  • Do you want to start a skincare routine but are afraid it won’t fit into your busy life?

Getting This book Will

  • Show you how to choose the BEST products for your skin
  • SAVE money so you don’t waste it on products that don’t work
  • Give you RESULTS, no matter your current skincare condition or issue

There’s a bank transfer option included for those of you who prefer that or pay directly to this bank account

Here’s a sneak peek of what you get

✔️An understanding of your skin what it needs and why so that you don’t get tempted by FOMO & buy popular products. You know what will work for your skin and why.

✔️The ESSENTIAL steps in the routine you know what is not negotiable. Great skin doesn’t need a 10-step routine this book shows you how without an elaborate routine.

✔️Putting it all together – which products ? what steps? how do I put it together? Find out how to get the best out of the products you have.

✔️Finally anti-ageing tips that YOU MUST FOLLOW( if you want to stay wrinkle-free. We are all ageing but we don’t need to look at our age, this shows you what products are a must-have and why.

How to Combine Actives

Which of these goes together and which do not? sometimes deciding which active goes with the other can seem like playing a chess match. You may have heard some don’t work well together or are not good for your skin, but you can’t keep it all in your head.

This shows you how to classify your actives, so you always get the best results even as a beginner.

Universal Skincare Routine

Get a done for your morning & night routine with sample products listed for every step and all you need. Just choose one and voila! Your routine is don

Shopping Recommendations

Where to shop? who can I trust? If you are in Nigeria, you know the stress. There are lots of questionable skin care products available. It can be difficult to identify what is real and what isn’t.  This takes away that hassle with my personal list of reputable vendors that you can shop from.

These are  tried and tested vendors which means you can shop without any fear

ALL FOR N7,999 reduced to N5,500 |$9 ONLY!

There’s a bank transfer option included for those of you who prefer that or pay directly to this bank account

Here’s What Other Have to Say


” A skincare must-have”

Reading this eBook was an eye-opener for me as I realized I was doing my skincare all wrong! I can go on and on now I know why I had reactions in the past to certain products.

The knowledge in this book is gold. This book covers everything and gives all the information newbies need without overwhelming you with unnecessary information.


” Better than any aesthetician ”

For someone who has spent some good coin going from one expert to aesthetician to another dealing with hyperpigmentation, no one has broken down the details as well as I read in look younger longer.

Based on this book I have introduced 2 steps of cleansing into my routine. While I focused on my face it opened my mind to overall skincare.


” It’s like a skincare Bible”

Thank you for sharing your knowledge with the world. your book (Look younger Longer) is an eye-opener because in my 30 + life on this earth I have never read such deep insights on skincare.

Your book started a huge conversation. More like a self-battle in my mind.  Your book is succinct and practical.


I made 2 changes & there is a difference ”

Its been buzz buzz buzz.

I have noticed progress on my face by just making 2 changes and I am super happy. By Christmas, I will have a full proper routine.

Hi, I am Dr Chizo Ezem,

A skincare consultant, author and skincare guru.

My speciality? I simplify skincare for career women like you that want to level up their skin but end up overwhelmed. And I do this by providing science-based, no fluff, simple & practical skincare tips.

I reach over 100,000 women yearly via my blog with skincare tips & am a regular contributor to Beauty In Lagos blog.

For most of my clients wearing makeup is optional, as I have helped them transform their skin.

I want to show you how to get the same results.

So how do I pay for the book?

2 simple ways to pay in Nigeria and one way outside Nigeria

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3. Pay from outside Nigeria by clicking HERE. You can pay in over 10 currencies

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