How to Turbo-Charge Your Skin

Are You Confused About Skincare?

 Wondering what practical steps to take to improve your skin?

Give me a few hours to Teach You How to Build an Effective Skincare routine that will transform your skin

~Even as Beginner!

This is important and here is why

Did you know attractive people earn 20% more salary on average?  

Your skin contributes 60% to how attractive you appear to others.

Because at a biological level clear skin is a sign of good health and everyone is attracted to health.

So what happens when your skin is not clear?

Your perceived attractiveness drops so does your earning potential & self-esteem.

Don’t worry blemishes, breakouts or dark spots are not a life sentence, they can be corrected.

Does This Sound Familiar?

🔷Listening to people talk about skincare is like listening to a foreign language, confusing and makes no sense.

🔷You have spent your hard-earned cash on products recommended to you by friends and family but they are collecting dust because they don’t work for you.

🔷You see the skincare gurus online doing 10 step or 15 step routines and feel completely overwhelmed & discouraged because you know you can’t do that consistently.

🔷But worst of all you are embarrassed about your skin and have skipped out on important celebrations and are currently dodging your secondary school classmates as we speak.

If you nodded yes to any of these, this masterclass is for you.

Get a look behind the scenes and learn what makes a skincare routine effective.

No myths, No fluff, I will teach you the steps you need for a functional routine.

By the end of this webinar, you will be crystal clear on what your skin needs and have a personalized routine.

Today’s Price: N 9,999 |$25

Over 87 % of women are confused about what skincare products to use, this means you aren’t alone.

In layman’s terms, it means 3 out of every 4 women are not sure if they are using the right products. This translates into money down the drain on the wrong products or products that made your skin worse.  

But with so many to choose from, it’s not surprising that you are confused.

You asked I answered.

This masterclass is a quick-start guide to what you need to know about your skin.

No more confusion, discover the secrets no one wants to tell you and level up your skin.

Today’s Price: N 9,999 |$25

Here’s what you’ll learn in this exclusive in this Masterclass:

➡️ Learn the Fundamentals

Confused about toners, serums, exfoliants, and moisturizers? We clarify all this in-depth webinar so you can make product decisions that get you great skin.

➡️ Skin-Specific Recommendations

There’s no size fits all when it comes to skincare. Discover what products work best for you, if you suffer from acne, sensitivity, oily or dry skin and build a routine that works.

➡️ Its in the Routine

Learn the 2 step process you need to follow to get the best from your routine and the essential steps that keep your routine to 5 mins or less each day.

➡️ Why The Sky Isn’t The Limit, Your Skin Is

When you have smooth, blemish-free skin your confidence goes through the roof. Discover how to use a simple skincare routine to get a priceless boost in confidence and self-assurance.

➡️ And Much, Much More…

Gain insights into the real reasons your skin is acting up and how to solve them -hint it’s easier than you think. Plus tons more bonus material to become the most radiant version of yourself.

Today’s Price: N 9,999 |$25

This is What My Clients Have to Say

Today’s Price: N 9,999 |$25

Here is why you should listen to me?

Hi, I am Dr Chizo

A skincare consultant for professional women tired of the half-truths on the internet, who are ready to level up their skin stress-free.

I am known for my no-nonsense and direct teaching style that gives you exactly what you need step by step with zero fluff.

▶️ I know my stuff

Currently, I have helped over 523 women get their skincare routine and skin right.

▶️ I have personal & professional experience

As a former acne sufferer, I know what I am talking about

Today’s Price: N 9,999 |$25

This is why you Need to Attend

Get an understanding of how your skin works and why you need a routine to keep it healthy

Skincare is not one size fits all, discover your skin’s peculiar needs because what worked for Peter won’t work for Paul

I share the personal framework I use to design a skincare routine that allows me to go out to make up free  

This is a NO FLUFF ROUTINE. You don’t need a 10-step routine & this webinar will show you how.

Here’s is who this masterclass is for and who it isn’t


✔️Anyone who is new to skincare and wants to learn how to get started
✔️Anyone who is overwhelmed by the information available & isn’t sure how to use it
✔️Anyone who wants to learn a framework on how to choose products for their routine
✔️Anyone who wants to understand how their skin works and what it needs


Anyone looking for a magic product that solves all skincare issues
Anyone looking for skin lightening or bleaching advice I don’t do that here
Anyone who expects dramatic results from their routine 2-3 days of using a product
Anyone who wants results but thinks skincare is too expensive, stick with shea butter

Bonuses Include

✔️Do you know your skin type – A detailed explanation of the 5 skin types & what to expect with each one

✔️What are actives?- Here you learn which skincare ingredients are your friends and why certain products work for specific skin types

✔️How to build a routine – A guide on each step in a skincare routine and how to choose products for each step

✔️A universal skincare routine – A list of real-life products for each step in a skincare routine to get you started

✔️Shopping Guide – A list of the places to get my skincare products from online and in-person (Nigeria, UK, USA)

Value of Bonuses N20,000| $25

You get them FREE!

Today’s Price: N 9,999 |$25

This Webinar will be one of the best decisions you have made to level up your skin.

Let me show you behind the scenes how people who have constantly clear skin do it, it’s not magic it’s a roadmap and I will show you how.


▶️How much is the masterclass: N 9,999 |$25

▶️Where will it hold: On Zoom

▶️ Is it recorded: Yes

▶️Will I get access to a replay: Yes

▶️Do I need a laptop to attend: No you can watch it on your tablet, iPad or any mobile device

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