No more filters or foundation: Unlock the Secrets to a Glowing Complexion Without being an expert.

Discover step by step framework I use to give my clients radiant blemish skin

Find out Why A student called this Course ”the best investment I have made this year ‘’

Here is what students had to say

Here is what I know from listening to my clients.

 More than half of them feel insecure about how their skin looks & cover up their blemishes with make-up or clothing.

Or are confused because of the number of choices currently available.

However, learning about skincare can be confusing.

And is made even more confusing by these myths.  

Natural Products are the Best Movement

While we all want to save the planet the misinformation about the effectiveness of what natural ingredients can do is a huge obstacle to getting actual results with your skin.  So many women have reached out looking for a ‘’natural’’ solution when there isn’t one. Natural has its time and place but it isn’t a magic wand.

Only Expensive products work

Some brands with the help of influencers have convinced people the only way they will get results is by buying expensive products.

This isn’t true.

The most important factors are the right products and consistency.

No Professional Guidance

It’s one thing to say ‘’use this product’’ it’s another to show you how to include it in your routine.

Holy grail products can end up wrecking your skin if you don’t use them the right way.

This is what I’ve learned throughout this journey.

You don’t need fancy expensive skincare products to get results.

Once you understand the fundamental principles of skincare the sky is the limit as far as what you can achieve.

You need someone to hold your hand through the process & show you where you may have missed the mark with your routine.



The MOST comprehensive course guide that shows you how to create an EFFECTIVE skincare routine that gives you RESULTS.

Join students from 5 different continents!  As they learn how to level up their skin just like you.

Plus, so much more! scroll down to see what else comes with this course.

Picture this …..

4 – 6 weeks after this course you have been able to

🎯Identify your skin type so you understand how to choose the best products & which to use during the day or night.

🎯Address your specific skincare concerns like acne, dark spots, and wrinkles

🎯Establish a consistent routine that you are able to maintain with your lifestyle and your budget

The result is consistently clear and blemish-free skin!

or keep hoping for the best and be in the exact same place next year

If you belong to these three categories of people, SKINCARE UNIVERSITY Course is definitely for you.

Skincare Newbie – You are new to skincare and feeling lost. But there’s so much information on social media, and it’s hard to know where to start.  So you are  worried about making the wrong choices and damaging your kin

Professional woman who understands that their skin looks is an important part of their growth. They know that worrying about their skin is a distraction and don’t want to risk getting it wrong and damaging their skin.

A woman levelling up, if you have improved your clothes, makeup, your skin must be the next on the list. Trying to look better on the outside without focusing on the inside (skin) will take away from what you are trying to achieve.

This course is split into 3 phases to give you the much-needed results


Welcome, note and course overview.

An introduction to who I am and practical steps going forward.

A foray into understanding why it’s more than ‘’just skin ‘’

Module 1: Mindset, Myths, and Mistakes

In this module, we will address the common mindset, mistakes and myths surrounding skincare, helping you correct them and set the foundation for a successful skincare routine.

Module 2: Understanding Your Skin Types and Skin States

Ever wondered why certain products work for some people and not for you?  Here we will dive deep into understanding your unique skin and its specific needs.  Explore the essential functions of your skin and how it contributes to overall skin health.  


Module 3: The skincare steps and the Essentials for healthy skin

Discover the key steps for a successful routine and the essentials for achieving and maintaining healthy skin. Non-Negotiable Skincare Steps: Identify the absolute must-have steps that should never be skipped that play a crucial role in nourishing and protecting your skin.

Module 4: Understanding Actives & How to combine them in Your Routine

Here you learn the art of combining actives to suit your skin’s needs, taking advantage of their synergistic effects without compromising the skin’s integrity. Explore different types of actives, their specific functions, and how to address particular skin concerns plus my special classification method!

Module 5: Anti-Aging Skincare Tips & Procedures to Slow Down the Signs of Aging

Gain insights into the types and causes of ageing and how to optimize your skincare routine for anti-ageing benefits. Explore procedures to help you slow down the signs of ageing and maintain radiant skin.


Module 6: How to Create a Skincare Routine – Putting it All Together

Here we into the crucial process of creating a personalized skincare routine that aligns with your unique needs and goals. You get guidance to help you navigate product selection from cleansers to incorporating treatments and moisturizers.

Module 7: Managing Your Mental Health During Challenging Skin Times

In this module, we’ll equip you with valuable tips and tactics to prevent feelings of despair and empower you to maintain a positive mindset during challenging skin times.

That’s not all! You also get 2 bonus modules

Natural Skincare vs. Synthetic Skincare: Debunking the Myth

Here we’ll tackle the age-old debate of natural skincare versus synthetic skincare. We explore the nuances of “natural” and “organic” skincare, uncover the truth behind the marketing claims, and determine whether it truly makes a difference when choosing skincare products. (Worth N10,000)

Diet, Supplements and Your Skin: Do You Really Need Them

Many people are curious about how their dietary choices and supplementation can affect the health and appearance of their skin. Gain a deeper understanding of how your diet can impact your skin’s health and appearance. (Worth N10,000)

ALL FOR N30,0000 reduced to N20,000 |$40 ONLY! For a limited time only

Ready to join me? You’ve got Two Options


The entire skincare University Course
All the juicy bonuses
Community with the WhatsApp group

TSU vault with access to exclusive content

Private bespoke routines for different skin types

Live question & answer session

Weekly reminder emails

And lots more

Online + 1 on 1 coaching



Everything included in Self Study PLUS…

1 on 1 Coaching Call with unlimited questions.

Feedback on your self-created routine + feedback

Personalised Q&A where you get to pick my brain,

Generous Q&A time during each session

Who is this for

✅You haven’t been able to get any results despite spending money on all the ‘’holy grail ‘’products it is pretty much hit-and-miss.

✅You need step-by-step guidance to create a routine that works & you realize the best way to get results is by working with a professional that gets results.

✅You are ready to get off the trial-and-error train & stop spending money on products that don’t work.

✅ You’re ready to invest time right now rather than later because you realize that waiting longer means more expense in the long run.

✅ Your skin affects how people view you and want to level up your appearance and take it to the next level.

Who isn’t this for?

❌You are looking for one ‘’magic product ‘’ that will solve all your problems this is not for you. There isn’t a single product that can do that, you need a full routine with more than one product.

You are not ready to spend a reasonable amount on your skincare products – skincare costs money. Pay shea butter money you get shea butter results.

❌ You think you will get instant results without putting in the work. It’s not possible for years of acne to disappear overnight or in a few days you must be patient and give it at least 6 weeks.

❌You have no plans to be consistent –skincare is a daily routine using a product once isn’t enough nor will it give you results.

❌You expect to change your genes e.g. you have oily skin but expect it to transform into something else. I am not a magician.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

I have helped tons of clients and students in the last 5 years, and I know that my system works. But what if you feel the course is not right for you? Well, you are protected by my 7-day money-back guarantee.

I only have one condition. Simply watch all the lessons, follow my walkthrough and test my strategies. If you can show you did all the work with no results…just let me know and I would happily refund every penny you paid for the course.

I know this is not one of those blanket no questions asked money-back guarantees where you can buy the product and ask for a refund after just one day to complain that the program is not for you. If I do that will be doing you a disservice.

If you are planning on getting the course and refunding, you should not bother buying the course as it’s not just right for you. This is a course for people who are motivated to, learn strategies that will transform their skincare routines.

I only want people who are hungry for results. If you are ready to go through the entire course and put in the work necessary to get amazing results, then this is for you.

P.S. This is an intensive and detailed course. If you are looking for a course with 6 videos that will promise you results in 7 days, this course is not right for you.

Get Instant Access To Skincare University!

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before it is gone for good


TSU  is a course that shows you how to curate a personalized and effective skincare routine, level up your skin with the information you need for a timeless  routine

You will get 27+ video lessons organized thoughtfully into 7 modules, so you can easily hit the ground running no matter your skincare knowledge level. We are not even talking about the bonuses yet! These lessons took me 2 months to record and edit because I wanted to bring you something succinct yet instantly valuable.

This depends! I cannot guarantee results because each person’s skin is different. I can say this though – over the past 4 years, I’ve had tons of success stories from my clients and students in less than a month. Others took longer than that due to not implementing consistently or not doing EXACTLY what I teach. My best students listen to my instructions, and I’ve seen people get results in as little as 4 weeks! That being said, if you want long-term success you can’t cut corners. If you are not ready to put in the work, TSU is not for you.

Multiple payment options are available such as; Stripe, AMEX, Mastercard, Visa, PayPal, Klarna, Google pay & Apple pay.

After payment, you will instantly receive a PDF which contains the link to enrol on the course. You will then need to sign up for the platform and start viewing the course materials.

A little progress each day leads to big results. If you have 30mins a day, you will do great! 1 month from now, your life could be so different if you got started today, right?

 You don’t want to be stuck in a situation year from now where you are still in the same place you currently are – e.g., getting nothing done. In fact, Skincare University saves you time as you aren’t running around like a headless chicken, not knowing what to do with your skin.  Instead, you’ll be confidently acting on tasks that will bring you the best results – one baby step at a time.

Why? You would literally get the step-by-step process of creating your skincare routine. What’s better than that!


Yes, you can! We have had women from over 15 countries take the course.


I’ve created Skincare University to be as easy to follow as it can possibly get. If you can follow simple step-by-step instructions, you can follow along successfully and not be left out.


No, they are not. However, the eBooks, workbooks and bonus materials are downloadable in PDF format.


I pride myself on providing the best support possible for all my customers. If you have any issues accessing the course at any time, you can email me and I would get you sorted!


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