You are eager to learn about the Clear Skin Academy

Here is a quick Brief for you.

The Clear Skin Academy is a 3-day online school.

It is a life-transforming school that shows you how to transform your skin from ‘’what happened ‘’ to ‘’what products are you using ‘’’

We all want clear skin so that we have rich auntie vibes.

Clear Skin Academy is a school for anyone woman who has decided that she wants to look her best and it is her right to do so.

Plus, she is willing to do what it takes to get her results.

5 types of women usually sign up for the Clear Skin Academy:

  1. 👩🏾You have acne-prone Skin: you are tired of dealing with one breakout or the other and it’s affecting your self-esteem and job. This will show you what you are missing and how to get the right combination for smooth skin.
  2. 👩🏾You have great skin: you are in the right place to ensure you preserve the glow and keep it blemish-free as you age and go through the stresses of life.
  3. 👩🏾You are over 40 – have you noticed some sagging, wrinkles or lines and want them gone? this is where you learn how to reverse those signs and keep your skin youthful.
  4. 👩🏾You are tired of Ineffective Products: You have bought everything under the sun, but still, your skin looks like you don’t do anything. Come here and learn how to choose what will for you and how to ignore the rest.
  5. 👩🏾You have information overload: every day it’s one new thing! all you want to know is what are the basic things to do. Don’t worry you will get that right here.

The Clear Skin Academy teaches you skills that you will use for the rest of your life and keep the signs of ageing aka wrinkles away.

The Academy fee is 21,000 Naira or $40.

You can even pay in 2 instalments.

No, you do not need any skincare knowledge or training to join.

All you need is the desire to have clear skin and the willingness to be consistent.

Enrollment is open now.

Just submit your name and get more details on the Academy.

Remember, Skincare knowledge is essential for every woman who wants to look good and stay looking 10 years younger.

The Academy is a must-attend.

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