5 Essential make up brushes for a beginner

An important part of makeup application is the makeup brushes we use. Usually in our excitement to try new products we forget that proper application depends on having the correct tools which include makeup brushes. This can make the difference between a blah look with expensive products and one that looks airbrushed. Choosing the right makeup brushes can make or break a makeup look especially when you are starting out. You don’t need to start with a huge number, so here a 5 essential makeup brushes to get you started which you can build as you go.

 1. Foundation brush

5 essential brushes for beginners

Courtesy: Real Techniques

This comes in a number of shapes and brush types. Here I recommend 2 types of brushes for a beginner a dome-shaped brush or a  flat-topped synthetic brush for foundation. Either will work well for liquid or stick foundations and provide a flawless base that serves as the canvas to layer all other products. If you use liquid foundation a brush with synthetic bristles will absorb less product saving you money in the long run. In contrast, natural hair bristles work better with powder products because they pick up more pigment. The two brushes I recommend are either the Real Techniques expert face brush or the Sigma F80 brush, both of which are synthetic brushes and work well with liquid and powder. I have had both of mine for over 6 years and they both still work like a dream.

2. Powder brush

Depending on your skin type, prefer a matte or dewy finish your need for a powder is debatable. However, most people still opt to set their foundation irrespective of skin type. For power application, my preference is a flat-topped kabuki brush, which allows me to stipple the product onto my skin without buffing it in displacing my foundation in the process. A kabuki brush is extremely popular and I have used for years is the inexpensive ELF flat-topped kabuki brush. It costs about three dollars and the widely spaced but somehow compact bristles are perfect. Other brush brands have similar versions of this brush so look around to find what suits you best.

3. Blush brush

Here my recommendation is around fluffy medium-sized brush. This gives you control over the amount of product that goes on your cheek without having the blush go everywhere. The best blush brush I have ever used in this category is the Hakuhodo J5543 blush brush. It is pricey but picks up the perfect amount of product and applies it to my cheek with an almost airbrushed perfection. Some good alternatives are the Real Techniques blush brush and Zoeva make up brushes which are less expensive.

4. Highlighter brush

Here I tend to prefer a smaller tapered brush, which allows you to deposit the exact amount of highlighter exactly where you want it. This also lets you control the intensity of your highlight which is handy if you prefer the seen from space look. A good highlighter brush can also serve double duty as a blush brush when turned on its side because it has some ”give”. The absolute star for me is the Wayne Goss Airbrush, which is softer than a cloud and a beauty to behold. Some other recommendations include the Real Techniques highlighter brush and some from Zoeva or Makeup Geek.

5. Eyeshadow brush

The simplest type of eyeshadow brush to start off with is flat eyeshadow brush. It allows you to place a wash shadow on the lid with minimal effort. This is the best brush for a beginner because it does not require much skill and it is unlikely that you will need to do complex detail work so this is more than enough. Just make sure you choose one based on your eyelid size as you don’t want one too large or small for you. This type of brush can be found in pretty much any brush set.

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Honourable mention: Eyebrow brush with spoolie

This a  great brush to have on hand if you like to use eyeshadow powers instead of a  brow pencil. The spoolie removes remove harsh lines and spread the product more evenly over your brows. The brush is good for application of eyebrow powder or gel liner if you have the skill.

5 essential brushes for beginners

Source: Amazon

5 brushes for a beginner kit

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