The best way to reapply sunscreen when you are wearing a full face of makeup

Last week I mentioned on an Instagram post that we need to reapply sunscreen. The main reason is that degrades when exposed to direct sunlight.

As usual, someone decided to argue with this well know fact. Stating that it needs reapplication because it rubs off due to sweat.

Erm nope.

But it’s the internet and everyone is an expert even when they are not.

how to reapply sunscreen

How often do you need to reapply sunscreen?

You need to reapply your sunscreen every 2-3 hours if you are in direct sunlight. While it isn’t as important if you are at home, i would recommend you get into the habit of doing so especially if you are sitting next to a window.

Let’s talk about how to reapply your sunscreen.

The obstacles

The main obstacle when it comes to the reapplication of your sunscreen is that you don’t want to move your makeup. So, any product you apply needs to cover your skin but leave your makeup intact.

There are 3 ways to do it

Sunscreen spray

Sunscreen sprays are one of the most underrated products for sunscreen reapplication. Just like you imagine they are sunscreens in a spray form which means you can spray a light mist over your makeup. Then leave it on to absorb and go about your business.

Sunscreen sprays come as either an aerosol–like deodorant or a liquid with a spray nozzle. The one you choose depends on your preference. But aerosol sprays have fine mist which means they are less likely to drip or leave your face wet.

Key tips

Give your face at least 6 -8 layers to ensure adequate coverage, one spray is not going to do anything.

What I recommend

sunscreen sprays

Sunscreen powder

Yes, there are sunscreen powers! and I don’t mean makeup with sunscreen in it. There are actual powders made specifically for sun protection. These sunscreen powders come in either a flat compact or a cylindrical canister.

Like your foundation powder, you should reapply your sunscreen powder over your makeup. This serves double duty to keep your skin protected from the sun and keep your makeup matt.

Key Tips

You need quite a bit of sunscreen powder to get adequate protection (more on that here). Unfortunately, most of the products in the market don’t cater to dark skin. This makes it difficult to get a shade that matches your skin.

What I recommend

sunscreen powders

Sunscreen +beauty blender

This is the easiest but messiest way to reapply your sunscreen. Here all you need is your sunscreen and a beauty blender. Here you put sunscreen on the back of your hands. Then dab the beauty blender into the sunscreen then pat with the flat earth of the beauty blender does not rub! into your skin.

Key tips: here you need to ensure that you pat this into your skin DO NOT RUB! so that you don’t disturb your makeup. To get the best results use a lighter or more liquid sunscreen so that it doesn’t cake on your skin.

What I recommend

Watch the video here:

There you have it, how much sunscreen you need plus 3 ways to reapply it.

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  1. 2023-05-08 / 8:23 am

    I imagine they are sunscreens in a spray form which means you can spray a light mist over your makeup. I love it. I need is my sunscreen and a beauty blender.beautyharbour

    • 2023-05-08 / 9:56 am

      Yes there are sunscreens in spray form and it makes it much easy to get it on. The beauty blender works just as well

  2. 2023-10-03 / 4:24 am

    thanks alot of information goodjobs keren bgt

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