The 2019 holiday gift guide:4 gift box ideas for your skincare loving friend

The end of the year and the perfect time to share a well-curated gift box. Considering most people are running helter-skelter I thought christmas is a time for giving and decided to be nice and save you the trouble of having to look for a gift yourself.

Here are some gift boxes I have seen online from companies I trust which I would love to find under the Christmas tree.

Because this is a skincare and beauty blog as you can expect most of the items I will pick are leaning in that direction, however, if I notice something that is too good to leave out you can be sure it will end up on my list.

So let’s get started.


Although the brand is not very active on Instagram, they have a fully functional and beautiful website where you can order their products. However, one thing they are good at doing is curating a gift box every year that is irresistible and this year is no different. In time for the holidays, they have come up with a Phoenix line which for the yuletide period comes in a gift box.

Phoenix Facial set

2019 gift guide

This is a collection of face products formulated for combination, oily and acne-prone skin. The goal of which is too deep clean pores, clear acne, brighten skin tone and texture. The set comes with 3 products listed below. 

  • 3 in 1 Facial Wash (150g)
  • Toner with mandelic and azelaic acid
  • Antiaging  Serum

Price: it is on sale at the moment for N16, 200 so get on it!

Phoenix body

2019 gift guide
Source: @narganics

The second gift set is for your body and works for all skin types and will get your skin in tip-top condition ready for the holidays. The body set also comes with 3 products which are part of their 3 step system and they are

  • Advance formula black soap w. safflower petals
  • Exfoliating body scrub w activated charcoal and silk peptides
  • Shimmer body cream w pearl peptides and hyaluronic acid

Price: N18, 000

2. Mint organic NG

This is an Abuja based brand I discovered on Instagram and I can say from experience that their candles and diffusers are fabulous.  They also have 2 types of gift boxes on offer at the moment a standard gift box and one you can build yourself in store.

The standard gift box

2019 gift guide
Source: Mint organics Instagram

This gift box contains their best selling products from their bath, body and aromatherapy lines. It can be ordered in-store in Abuja or from their Instagram page. The box contains 6 items which include

  • 5oz a Bar soap
  • 4oz liquid black soap
  • Bath bomb
  • Room and fabric spray
  • Whipped body butter
  • Loofah sponge.

Price: N15, 000

Build your own gift box

2019 gift guide
Source: Mint organic care Instagram(snacks not included)

This box can be built in store based on their product line your own preferences.

Price: N15, 000

You may be wondering well I am not in Abuja, how do I get my box? Well, they deliver nationally and the boxes will be available in Lagos @celebrationsng

3.Arami essentials

This is a very well-known brand and from personal experience can tell you that their signature glow oil with oud has a scent out of this world. They also have 3 gift boxes available on their site curated with some of their most popular products with a 3 – 5 products each depending on which version you chose.

Mini luxe gift box

2019 gift guide
Source: Arami essentials website

The products are not full size but are 100ml compared to the regular 250ml size and you can mix and match any of the products below.

  • Glow Oil – unscented or sweet oud
  • Coco Oil
  • Ivory Butter – unscented, lemongrass, rose & vanilla or vanilla
  • Glow Scrub
  • Onyx Polish


  • Mini luxe gift box 03 items –N7, 500
  • Mini luxe gift box 03 items –N9, 500
  • Mini luxe gift box 03 items –N10, 500

4.The Lekki Gift company

While this is not skincare or beauty per se, the utter scale and scope of boxes available have landed this brand on the list. They have gift boxes for every occasion, from birthdays to births and marriage they have it all. After looking through the site these are the 2 boxes that really caught my fancy.

The Going places Box

2019 gift guide
source: Lekki gift company

Yes I know it says it’s for men, but I buy what I like not based on the gender it is supposed to be for. It includes

  • Tube of Cranberry Crunch Biscuits
  • A “Going Places” Journal
  • A Bar of Soap
  • A Mini Pack of Chocolate
  • A Mini Pack of Shortbread Cookies

Price: N23, 500 and can be shipped nationwide

Viva La female

2019 gift guide

This a birthday box for women and contains

  • Themed Hardcover Notepad
  • Tube of Cranberry Crunch
  • A Pen
  • A Tub of Bath Salt
  • A Bar of Soap
  • An “ahhh” Inscribed Candle
  • A “You have got this” Drinking Bottle
  • A Pack of Chocolate Brittle

Price: N59, 500  

You also have the ability to build your own box based on the products they have available so get to it!

What do you think? which of these would you want to find under your Christmas tree? Let me know in the comments

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