I am on a sunscreen review binge at the moment and considering I have a program that deals with hyperpigmentation sunscreen is one of the main pillars. For a good number of people especially those of us with darker skin getting a good sunscreen an sometimes feel like the search for the holy grail.

Without further ado let started on one of the sunscreens I have in my rotation to help you deiide if this is for you or not.

What it is

Uriage   Eau Thermale is a broad spectrum SPF 50 sunscreen fragrance free sunscreen. Broad spectrum meaning it protects your skin from both UVA ( aging rays ) and UVB (Burning rays )  and  the SPF 50 means it will protect you from 98% of the UV rays.

This sunscreen is formulated with Copper and Zinc which protects, repairs and soothes the skin and is specially formulated for weakened and irritated skin. Meaning if you have had a skincare procedure like laser, chemical peel or anything that makes your skin more sensitive to the sun, this is the SPF for you. It contains a Growth Fator-Repair patent which is supposed to promote epidermal repair.

Appearance and packaging

Uriage   Eau Thermale in a small white plastic tube with blue does not come with any external or secondary packaging making it great for the environment.

One of the things that struck me first one I got this sunscreen was its size  it is a very small 40 ml which is markedly different from most sunscreens that come in much larger sizes.

The sunscreen itself comes out in a very thick off white almost sticky consistency. The best example I can think of is cake icing and the tiny nozzle makes it even more similar.  

How to use

Like with other sunscreens you need to apply 2-fingers of sunscreen but beause of the onsisteny it may not be a voluminous as other sunsreens ,but don’t worry it does the job just as well.

See below for the 2 fingers of sunscreen rule

To apply, dot the sunscreen around your face making sure to get to all the quadrants and rub in carefully. Because this sunscreen is quite thick you will need to make sure to smear it properly to ensure all the quadrants of your face is covered. Your sunscreen is the last skincare product you should apply before your make up and do it at least 2 0 minutes before leaving the house.


  • No eye sting !  this is the only sunscreen I have used so far that does not sting my eyes at all
  • This absorbs beautifully into the skin zero white cast
  • Fragrance free which means it can use used by sensitive skin types
  • Suitable for irritated skin
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Affordable so is great value for money
  • Broad spectrum so protects from both UVA & UVB rays


  • Small size , but a little goes a long way because it is so thick
  • Not available in Nigeria (yet)

Who is it for

  • Anyone who has skin
  • Ideal for fragile skin after it has had to deal with various forms of aggression. Itching, overheating, after dermo-aesthetic procedures,


$14/ £ 9.79

Rating: 5/5


This is an excellent sunscreen especially if you have darker skin, it absorbs easily without leaving a white cast and most importantly does not sting your eyes ! I cannot say what a relief that is .


It is excellent quality is a bit thik but still applies well on the skin  

Value for money

While the small sizemay give you pause I maintain it is excellent value for money. Sine it is quite thik a little goes a long way and if you have sentsive ,irritated skin look no futher .

Ease of use

It is easy to  apply as just make sure to dot it around your fae and rub it in  .

Overall rating 5/5

I actively recommend this sunscreen espially if you have sensitive and irritated skin ,it works for all skin type and is affordable . 

Where to buy


  • Elta MD
  • Hawaiian Tropic Sunscreen
  • Bondi Sands

To learn more about why sunscreen is essential, what the numbers mean you can check it out here. For people with dark spots or hyperpigmentation without sunscreen, you are wasting your time so hose one you will use. If you want to understand how to get rid of your dark spots what products to use and why and when to skip the reams and head to the spa then get THE HYPERPIGMENTATION HANDBOOK. I won’t go into what it will do for your skin you can read all about it here, sign up and thank me later.

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