Do you really need a makeup primer?

Using a makeup primer is one thing I had difficulty getting on board with. I didn’t want one extra step in my routine and thought it wasn’t necessary. However, after dealing with makeup sliding my face a few hours in #teamoilyskin and my eyeshadow not being as intense I wanted I decided to bite the bullet and get on board with using a primer. I haven’t looked back since.

Because if you want smooth makeup that lasts all day with an airbrushed finish then using a primer is the way to go.

Why use a primer?

I have mentioned some of the reasons but let’s go into some more detail

It makes your make up last longer

Because your primer acts as a barrier between your skin and makeup it prevents your skin oils from breaking through which causes the makeup to degrade or slide off much more easily. Basically, it acts as a blotter for your oils.

It gives a smooth finish

Some types of primers (more on them below ) fill in any gaps, creases or texture on your skin giving it a smooth almost doll-like finish. When any type of makeup is applied to this smooth surface it looks significantly better and lasts much longer.

It makes your makeup more intense

Some primers are opaque which means the mask the colour of your skin. This is important for people with darker skin tones that have difficulty making certain shades visible on their skin.

Do you need makeup primer?

Well, you tell me?

  • Does your makeup slides off by the end of the day
  • Does your foundation apply patchily and doesn’t quite sit right on your skin?
  • Do you have to apply layer after layer of the product before it is visible on your skin?

if your answer was yes to any of the above then i think you do.

What makeup primer should you choose?

Primers come in a lot of different forms there are lip, eyelash, eyeshadow and face primers. But I would say to get the most bang for your buck face primers to work the best and can be used all over your lips and lids.

Primers have different formulas for the different skin types hydrating primers for dry skin, mattifying primers for oily skin, and colour-correcting primers for redness. But the most important category is based on their main ingredient silicone-based or water-based formulas.

Silicone-based primer

Silicone primers give your face a smooth, silky, soft feeling, which allows your makeup to glide over your skin without sinking into pores and creases. They form a protective shield over your skin, trapping in moisture. You know if your primer is silicone if one of its first five ingredients ends in -cone or -siloxane.

Water based Primer

Water-based primers on the other hand are basically lightweight moisturizers so have the same properties of a silicone primer. Some people hate the feeling of silicones which can be difficult to understand but if you have ever used a silicone primer you know that feeling! Some others don’t react well to silicones, so experiment!

What is the best makeup primer?

To keep it simple, a silicone-based primer tends to work best for a majority of the skin types. Again it depends on what you want to achieve, it is is a long day where you need everything to stay in place a silicone works best.

How to apply a primer

For the best results apply your primer to clean, freshly moisturized skin. Make sure to wait at least five minutes for your moisturizer to sink in before applying it. Use only a pea-size blob for your entire face too much and it will slide around. Once applied wait for  60 seconds for your primer to “set” then move on to your makeup.

Do you use a primer daily in your routine? which one works best for you? at the moment I am loving the Aaron Primer and Ponds Cold primer.

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  1. 2020-11-16 / 4:21 am

    It is my experience that for getting best result, apply your primer to clean, fresh and moisturized skin. Primer is so much important for the person who makes up skin. To make up you must need to use the best primer as well as it should be used regularly.

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