Used makeup? Frugal or a step too far

used makeup

Used makeup sounds a bit iffy but we have all bought that one of a kind product that was supposed to solve world hunger and illuminate the mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle only for it to fall flat. What happens then? Do you chuck it in the bin? Give it to a friend or charity? what if those are not options and you would really like to make your money back?

Enter the used make-up market.

This is a growing trend among millennials and in Japan, it is a market worth over $4.59 billion. That is billion with a B. The trend also extends to the US market as well with online communities like Glambot, Poshmark, and MUABS, that allow its members to sell or buy unwanted beauty products for a fraction of the retail price.

Why buy used makeup

  1. Cost: it is less expensive than new makeup which means you get access to higher brands that would normally be out of your reach.
  2. The environment: cosmetic waste is one of the major sources of pollution, unbought and discarded products into landfills which is terrible for the environment.
  3. Sustainability: the earth has limited resources and we are going through them fast, more sustainable makeup preserves the earth’s resources.

Now before you go rushing off get a second lipstick or mascara there are some disadvantages and safety concerns if you decide to go down the used make-up route.

Because makeup comes in direct contact with skin the major danger is contracting either bacterial or viral infections which can cause folliculitis, impetigo or fungal infections. You can very easily contact conjunctivitis or herpes from the contaminated eye and lip products leading to incurable diseases or permanent scarring. If you decide to go ahead with buying used makeup here are some tips to ensure that you stay safe.

Tips for buying used makeup

  1. Stick with established brands like L’Oreal, Estee Lauder, and Procter & Gamble their products are formulated with preservatives to extend their shelf life and guard against bacteria
  2. Stay away from preservative-free brands natural brands because they have a greater risk of contamination once used.
  3. Stick with powders or products that come with small openings or a pump which minimize contamination.
  4. Stay away from mascaras, eyeliners, and lip glosses or any product where double-dipping occurs once the applicator is used the whole tube is compromised
  5. Lipstick is fine because you can slice off the ends that come in contact with the skin
  6. Check the expiry dates the longer a product has been open and in ”use” the more likely the chance of infection.

What do you think about buying used makeup products,  do you think it is frugal or a step too far? If you enjoyed this then check up my articles on Going green natural vs organic skincare, Nudes lips and nips? what do they have in common, Top 5 nude lipsticks for dark skin .

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