Understanding the Skincare Pyramid and how to get maximum impact from your routine

Skincare is confusing and with the clever marking schemes that brands and companies use even the most discerning consumer can easily get overwhelmed. Just like with a healthy diet dermatologists have developed a skincare pyramid to help you understand how to approach your skincare. It illustrates the fundamentals of every skincare routine and the additional procedures, and frequency needed especially as we get older.

What is a skincare pyramid?

A Skincare Pyramid is an approach to skincare and anti-ageing that starts with a base of preventive care steps,  and builds up to treatment options targeted to specific skin concerns.

The skincare pyramid is built on the concept that a daily effective skincare routine is the foundation for healthy skin because it protects and prevents the signs of ageing.

Components of the Pyramid

The skincare pyramid consists of 3 main layers +

Base layer/Daily routine

This is your daily routine and consists of the 5 basic steps in a skincare routine cleanse, tone/exfoliate, treat, moisturize and protect. Irrespective of your skin type these remain the same, however, the choice of products and ingredients may vary.

The goal of this layer is to prevent or delay significantly the signs of aging and reduce the need for interventions at the higher layers.  The role of SPF and antioxidants cannot be overemphasised because they protect the skin from UV and free radical damage which either causes or exacerbates most skincare issues.

So the focus should be on using a hydrating, non-soap cleanser, antioxidants, SPF 30+, vitamin A derivatives, and moisturizers.

Middle Layer /Weekly routine

The middle layer of the pyramid includes products and procedures which should be done weekly like masks, exfoliation and micro currents. These are less invasive procedures that retarget specific skincare issues and usually contain more concentrated ingredients which work at a much deeper level. While they help with the maintenance of your skin they are too intense for daily use.

Top Layer / Monthly routine

These are the big guns when it comes to your routine and is significantly much more intense which is why they need to be spaced further apart.. Your skin renews itself every 28 -30 days and scheduling these procedures around a monthly cycle allows it enough time to heal.

The procedures you choose depend on your specific skincare issues and include facials, chemical peels, dermaplaning and microdermabrasion. Now the fact that I say these types of procedures should be scheduled monthly does not mean you need to do them EVERY SINGLE MONTH. Most of them are exfoliating so repeated procedures back to back are a recipe for a damaged skin barrier and lots of irritation.  This means they should be scheduled based on needs or based on your dermatologist or aesthetician’s recommendation.

Tip of the Pyramid >6 months

This is the very tip of the pyramid and consists of procedures that are one-off or done at a 6-month interval or more. They focus on reversing the effects of the signs of ageing and include Botox, fillers, lasers, other devices, and body contouring options.

That is the skincare pyramid in a nutshell; you work from the foundation and build based on what you need and the frequency. You might be interested in reading this article about To Botox or Not to Botox and WANT AN AFFORDABLE SKINCARE ROUTINE? AND 7 REASONS YOUR SKINCARE ROUTINE MAY NOT BE WORKING.

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