Ready for Glowing skin this Christmas?

It’s that time of year again.

Where we are either heading to the village or have loads of parties to attend but are concerned because our skin is not where it is supposed to be with the year we have all had who is surprised? Starting from the Corona which basically shut down the world and here in Nigeria with the ENDSARS issue and destruction of property, we are all stressed rightly so. However, we have a little respite and there is time for you to get your skin in order if you are ready and willing to put in some effort.

Let’s get into it.

When it comes to getting your skin in ‘’order ‘’ the first step is to identify your skin type. Because each and every skin is different our obstacles to great skin and our problem areas are very different and thus the paths to our goals are different as well.

Once you know your skin type the next step is to identify between 1-3 problem areas of your skin and flip them to become your skincare goals. Let me give you an example my current skincare issues are Hyperpigmentation /Ingrown hairs & dryness.

Since my overall skincare goal is glowing skin, I need to address each of these issues. Although I have oily skin most of my hyperpigmentation is NOT from acne but is from the ingrown hairs around my jawline from ingrown hairs. To address I have done electrolysis to get rid of the hairs and the hyperpigmentation that comes with that.

To tackle the dryness I have included a face mist and toner with Hyaluronic acid as well as a heavier moisturizer and a face oil to lock in the moisture.

The final step is to buy the right products. Once you have I have identified the main skincare issues the next thing is to make a list of products that targets those issues. There is no point in buying the latest ‘’Holy Grail’’ product if the ingredients don’t target your specific skincare problems.

For example

  • Hyperpigmentation – Kojic acid, Alpha Arbutin &  Hydroquinone  
  • Dryness- Hyaluronic acid and squalene
  • Skin texture – Glycolic acid, lactic  acid

Now that you know what ingredients to look out for the next step is to build them into your skincare routine and stick to your skincare routine consistently. I have discussed the different skincare steps so look for products with these ingredients and in cooperate them into the 5 steps.

Give yourself some time. Most changes take time, however with the right routine you should notice improvement within 10-14 days but give each product at least 3 months. If a product or regimen doesn’t work try something else until you get a product that does.

Finally run your own race

Instagram can be hell on self-esteem, constantly comparing yourself to others who you ‘’think ‘’ have better skin does nothing to help your progress. So stop it and unfollow any accounts that make you unhappy.

If you are completely confused about where to start then you can reach out to me because I offer one on one consultation that will help get you on track and give you the basics of an effective skincare routine. Alternatively, you can get my new eBook ‘’ Look Younger Longer :The Beginner’s Guide to Flawless Skin ‘’ which gives a step by step process to get you there.

ebook skincare for beginners

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