Nail polish for dark skin

Late last year I decided I was going to go full-on babe. Primarily because in the last 2 years I have been working in pretty shitty countries which did not allow me were the type of clothing and accessories I wanted.

So once I got back home and normalcy I decided to ensure that every part of my outfit including my nails was on point. To do that I decided to look for a range of nude nail polishes that would work well on my skin.

So here are some shades that will work well on any dark skin tone

OPI Samoan Sand

source: OPI

Essie Truth or bare

nude nail polish
Source :Essie

This is a nice cinnamon brown

Essie clothing optional

nude nail polish

This is a light sienna brown

Essie Seeing Stars

nude nail polish
Source :Essie

This is mahogany brown sparkling with golden shimmer.

Essie Island Hopping

nude nail polish
Source :Essie

This is a rich plum mauve

I hope this helps you with some options if you have dark skin.

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