Welcome to my blog

Welcome to the launch of my blog the Beauty Harbour and my first blog post!

My name is Chizo a former acne sufferer for most of my adult life. Skin was surprisingly good as a teenager, but in my twenties, everything went haywire. I tried EVERYTHING to get it back to normal and this spurred my interest in skincare and makeup to treat my acne and hide my scars.

Why I started my blog

I love skincare and beauty. Because of that, I am usually the source of information for the people in my circle, so instead of keeping this information to myself, I decided to share it with a wider audience. My target for this blog is women interested in learning about how to get their skin in great shape without trial and error. To do so I will have a variety of content, including skincare, beauty and a touch of lifestyle posts that will be updated weekly.

So sign up below and join to learn about which products are worth spending your hard-earned moolah on.

Get involved

I would love to hear from you, contact me via email at beautyharbourblog@gmail.com or through the comments section.

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