6 Signs that you are using too many skincare products: Hint its not glowing skin

Too many skincare products

How many skincare products do you use? Cleanser, toner, and moisturiser? Maybe a favourite serum and additional micellar water to melt off makeup?

As a reformed skincare junkie, I understand the high of getting all the new products and waiting eagerly for each new release so that you are the first to give a review or just for the thrill of being the first to have used it.

Unfortunately using so many products comes with a dark side. As much as we may like to think that more is better this is not the case for skincare or is it for anything really. However, this product overload or use of multiple products in a short time span can have a really detrimental effect on your skin causing more trips to the dermatologist.

Here are some signs which let you know it is time to curate your product list and go back to fewer items so as not to irritate your skin.

Rashes and hives

If you notice your skin is suddenly breaking out in hives and rashes then your skincare routine may be the problem. Red, inflamed, bumpy, or itchy skin is a good sign that something in your products is responsible for a flare-up.

Your skin feels tight

If your skin feels tight, this is a sign that some of your products are sapping moisture from your skin. Don’t ignore tightness, it is a sign of impaired skin health and can cause increased oil production, large pores, and wrinkles. So look for products that are pH balanced.

Itchy, red, flaky, or sun-sensitive skin

One of the major reasons for red, flaky, or itchy skin that’s sensitive to the sun is an overload of skincare products. For example, using multiple forms of exfoliation at one once-acids, a microdermabrasion brush, and a retinoid can irritate some skin types.

Shiny but not oily skin

One of the signs of over exfoliated skin which has lost of more than the surface dead skin cells so don’t exfoliate daily. You also need to pare down your products so that your skin still retains some of its texture and doesn’t look like a mirror.

Overly oily skin

If your skin suddenly becomes an oil slick when it was normal then you have been using too many oil reducing products. Excess oil production is by over-drying as your skin tries to compensate so remove any products that dry out your skin before adding anything new.

Seasonal skin reactions

Some products can have adverse effects depending on the season and environmental factors. What your skin may tolerate during dry harmattan summer months may be too much for the wet rainy season  

Here’s what to do if you experience a reaction.

One of the first things is to stop any new products and try which products may be causing the reaction. If you want the details on how to manage an adverse reaction you can read about it here.

So what has been your experience ? have you ever had some of these effects.

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