6 ways to heatproof your makeup and keep it fresh despite the heat


Hot girl summer may be over in other countries. However, in Nigeria, the heat is just starting and putting on makeup on seems like one thing too many. To make worse the heat makes your makeup prone to sliding right off.

If you are like me , you want to keep looking your best despite feeling like you are a neighbour to hades. Let’s talk about some tips to heatproof your makeup and keep it in tip-top shape without out looking like a clown caught in a drizzle

Use Less Makeup

As it gets hotter your makeup routine should become a lot more streamlined that way it is less likely to slide off your face. Since not everyone has blemish-free skin wearing less makeup comes with some caveats. If you have hyperpigmentation that needs covering up, spot conceal that way you skip having a full face but still look blemish-free. The best concealer to use is one that is sticky rather than creamy because it will last much longer in the heat.

Use a lightweight, quality primer.

Primers are important in hot humid weather because they extend the life of your foundation by helping it stick to your face.  However, to get the best effects apply your primer sparingly along the T-Zone- side of the nose, and cheeks. But be careful with how much you use or it will make your skin look flat. When choosing a primer, avoid silicon-based primers since they can dry out the skin and use a water-based lotion instead.

Waterproof or long-wearing makeup is key.

Heat and sweat go together so investing in waterproof eye makeup is important except racoon eyes are the look you are going for. For other products like foundation, choose a long-wear foundation that is formulated to stay put even in the heat. So look for formulas that explicitly say they are long-wearing on the bottle and your make-up is heatproof.

Avoid oil-based foundation and makeup.

Oil and water don’t mix. Avoid any oil or cream-based products, in the heat mixed with your sweat and you have a greasy disaster. Go for liquids and gels instead of cream products, they will hold up much better in the heat. If you must have full coverage then using a liquid matte foundation or a powder is your best bet.

Blot don’t powder


In the heat with all the shine and sweat it is tempting to pack on the powder to try to get rid of shine, but resist! Constantly reapplying powder will leave you looking increasingly cakey and will highlight every pore and bump on your skin. So reach for a blotting paper instead to absorb the excess shine without dislodging your makeup.  

Use a mist and setting spray.

Is there a difference between the two you might ask, well yes there is and you can read about it here? A setting spray will help seal your make up in place and if you use the really good ones your makeup will not move come rain or shine. A mist on another hand will refresh your makeup and fill up any patches so having both can be helpful in the heat.

Do you use any of these tricks to heatproof your makeup?  Or do you have your own heatproof tips and tricks? Let me know in the comments and follow these to keep your makeup where it belongs on your face.

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  1. 2019-11-15 / 7:20 pm

    Great make-up tips – definitely saving a few of these for later. Thanks for sharing!!

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