8 tips on how to get the most from your skincare budget even when it’s isn’t much

Cost, price, the cost seems to be the most significant challenge when it comes to choosing a skincare product.

We all still want glass skin but glass skin costs money, so how do we get it without putting ourselves in debt because we are responsible and financially savvy women here.

Before we start let’s be clear, you MUST spend some money on your skincare.

  • If you are expecting a post on how to put a skincare routine for N5000 look at the top right and exit this page because it is not for you.
  • If you are expecting to spend the amount of money you spend on shea butter and coconut oil and expect clear skin look at the top right and exit the page.
  • If you expect that you will have a basic routine without spending at least N25,000- N35,000 again exit this page.

For anyone in the categories listed above I cannot help you, live with your skincare issues because you are unwilling to do what it takes to solve them.

I will ask you to kindly exit at this point.

For everyone else who understands that safe and effective skincare costs money, let’s talk about how to manage your money so you get the biggest bang for your bucks.

1. Budget

Put aside a monthly amount for your skincare every month irrespective of if you are buying a product or not. That way when your products finish you do not have to dip into your current budget to replace your finished product.

2. Spend Selectively

You don’t have to spend huge sums of money on all the parts of your routine there are multiple brands with affordable products. so for your cleanser, moisturizer and sunscreen, you can get the cheapest brands available for those parts of your routine. This means you will have more money to spend on your serum that targets your specific skincare issues.

3.Focus on one skincare issue at a time

Serums are pricey so if you are on a budget focus on one issue at a time preferably the causative issue. For example, if you are struggling with acne and hyperpigmentation choose a product that deals with acne first (because it causes darks spots ) then deal with the hyperpigmentation later.

4. Choose Multifunctional products

Related to the statement above choose serums that have more than one active ingredient or that can do much more a good example is skin better science Alpha –ret overnight cream it contains. 

  • Retinol is the gold standard for antiaging and wrinkles 
  • Ceramides/Niacinamide /hyaluronic acid – to target dryness and keep your skin layer intact as well as provide moisture
  • Glycolic acid – texture and dark spots Peptide blend – for wrinkles, skin elasticity and firmness
  • Vitamin C, E & Co-enzyme Q for antioxidant protection and to prevent free radicals damage 
  • While it costs a pretty penny $125 (N62,500) it has given you in one bottle 5 different products and would save you time and money

    5. Streamline your stash

    Most people have way too many products than they need, you don’t need 3 cleansers 4 toners and 5 sunscreens you just don’t. Most of the excess expenses from skincare come because we are trying to keep up with the Joneses. It is not a competition buy what you need and replace only when it is finished.

    6. Plan your Purchases

    Do you even know what you need? Skincare seems expensive when you buy stuff that doesn’t work for your skin. You need to understand what your skin needs and plan accordingly (Look Younger Longer helps you do that ).

    7. Take Advantage of sales

    Black Friday is in a few weeks this is a good time to stock up on some staples. While I was in the UK 3 months ago, I bought enough cleansers and toners to last me for at least 6 months & I still have more than enough. So take note of when sales are scheduled throughout the year and stock up for at least 3 months supply.

    8. See a Professional

    This may sound counterintuitive to see a professional like me that costs money since money is the issue. Yes see a professional, they (we ) will be able to give you information that prevents you from wasting your money on products that don’t work or are not helpful to you. Streamline your routine so you are only spending on what you need. You don’t make your cakes yourself, or sew your clothing yourself why would you think you would be able to do skincare yourself.

    Here are 8 ways to deal with the cost of skincare so it is more manageable. But let’s be crystal clear, you MUST spend money on your skin, if you were expecting an N10,000 routine you are on the wrong page.

    If you are looking for information on how to get started then get Look Younger Longer the Beginners Guide to skincare it breaks down everything you need to know and more about starting a routine.

    Alternatively, you can get the Skincare Basics Masterclass with 6 bonus ebooks that takes you on the journey to understanding how to put together a cost-effective skincare routine.

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    1. 2021-10-18 / 7:28 am

      Choosing a skin care product seems to be the biggest challenge when it comes to cost. Glass skin is still desirable, but it is also expensive, so how do we achieve it without putting ourselves into debt? After all, we can be responsible and thoughtful about our finances.

      The article explains how to make the most of your skincare budget, even if it isn’t much, which is something many of us are unaware of or don’t know how to do so this could be helpful. I appreciate you sharing this information with us.

      • 2021-10-18 / 10:18 pm

        I included 2 resources right there on the page, my ebook Look younger longer or the skincare basics master class. If you are interested in learning how to choose the right products either of them will do

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