Look Younger for Longer: How Your Skincare can Slow Down the Ageing Process PT 1

No one wants to age, what I mean is we went to get older but don’t want to look our age. For women this is even more important because let’s face it, men are allowed to look their ages hence our lust for ‘’ the silver fox’’ but a grey-haired woman is pretty much seen as someone who has given up on life entirely.

‘’skin health and beauty is considered one of the principal factors representing overall “well-being” and the perception of “health”

Since the process of ageing is inventible no matter how much filler or Botox we use we need to understand how it happens and what we can do to slow down the process.

My goal is to look like I am in my mid 30’s for as long as is humanly possible.

Here we go.

Because this is a skincare blog my focus will be on the signs and symptoms of ageing in the skin, why it happens and to slow down the process.

What is Skin Ageing?

First skin ageing is a normal & natural human “ageing mosaic” and may follow different trajectories in different parts of the body over time.

Ageing of the skin is not solely dependent on ‘age’, it can differ considerably from your actual age and this is because there are several other factors that contribute to skin ageing. These factors fall into either intrinsic (internal) or extrinsic (external) categories.

Intrinsic aka Internal causes of Ageing

  • Genetics your genes determine how fast you age so look at your parents for a hint at what is ahead  
  • Hormone and metabolic processes- our hormone levels tend to reduce with age and this affects the elasticity of your skin
  • Oxidative stress- excess production of free radicals damages your ells and affects its ability to repair itself
  • Glycation excessive consumption of sugar binds to collagen in your skin causing wrinkles 
  • Inflammation – this exhausts the skin’s defence system and weakens its structure resulting in the degradation of collagen and elastin and impairs the skin’s barrier function.

Extrinsic aka external causes of ageing

  • UV exposure (sunlight)- leads to the degradation of collagen but in a different way it causes the formation of wrinkles
  • Radiation, chemicals, toxins
  • Free radicals – these are unstable cells that combine with the free radicals causing degradation. 
  • Stress – releases cortisol which is a steroid. steroids thin the skin, decrease plasticity, lower the skin barrier reduces immunity

Symptoms of Ageing?

The general symptoms of ageing in the skin include

  • Fine lines & wrinkles
  • Loss of volume
  • Fat redistribution
  • The texture on the skin
  • Pigmentation in patches
  • General dullness thickening  
  • Laxity and sagging

However, signs of internal and external ageing differ in their manifestations as seen below

How Antiaging skincare slows down the Ageing  

Successful ageing’ focuses on achieving a healthy, smooth, blemish-free, translucent and resilient skin, the goal is  “to look better”  not    “look younger”. This is done in two main ways with topical treatments and invasive procures

Topical treatments

Improves skin uses daily skin properties /routines in the following skincare categories to reduce the signs of ageing in several ways

  • Daily skincare
  • Sun protection
  • Anti-oxidants
  • cell regulators

Invasive procedures

This includes chemical peels, LED, IPL,, Laser, Radiofrequency, and Biostimulation which will be discussed in part 2

Daily skincare

A healthy and functioning skin barrier is an important protector against dehydration, penetration of various microorganisms & free radicals.  A well-maintained skin barrier increase skin regeneration, elasticity, and smoothness, meaning healthy hydrated skin is one of the methods of slowing down the ageing process.

Sun Protection

UV rays are responsible for over 80% of the visible signs of ageing. Wrinkling and hyperpigmentation are directly associated with premature sun damage, thus sun protection using sunscreens to block or reduce skin exposure to UV radiation is a key part of an antiaging skincare routine.

Anti-oxidants and Cell regulators

There are 2 groups of ingredients that can be used as anti-ageing creams antioxidants and cell regulators.


These are vitamins, polyphenols and flavonoids that reduce collagen breakdown in the skin. Vitamins C, B & E are the most important antioxidants because of their ability to penetrate the skin thanks to their low molecular weight


  •   Increases collagen production in the skin
  • Reduces pigmentation (dark spots)
  • Protects against free radical damage


  • Improves cell regeneration and repair
  • Improves skin elasticity (less sagging)
  • Improves skin pigmentation


  • Anti-inflammatory and antiproliferative effects
  • Smoothing the skin reducing texture and roughness
  • Maintains your skins moisture balance

Studies have shown that using a combination of vitamins C and E or Vitamin C  & B gives a higher or better effect than if each of them is used alone. Others include  green tea polyphenols and isoflavones which decrease damage from UV exposure

Cell Regulators

These are such as retinol, peptides and growth factors (GF) that stimulate and increase collagen metabolism and influence collagen production.


  • Stimulates collagen production which deals with internal and external causes of ageing
  • Reduces signs of UV (sun) damage
  • Improves skin elasticity
  • Improves hyperpigmentation

Polypeptides and amino aides also stimulate collagen production

What does this mean for you?

Basically, you need a functional routine that maintains your skin barrier keeping it healthy and hydrated this means a non-stripping cleanser and a moisturizer targeted to your skin type. You also need sun protection like you need air to breathe (well almost ) this is not negotiable.  Finally, to round it up a combination of antioxidants and ell regulators to increase collagen production.

To learn more about some of the skincare ingredients mentioned here you can check out these articles on 5 ANTIOXIDANTS, THE BEST FOR YOUR ANTI-AGEING, BRIGHTENING AND ACNE, 5 OF THE BEST ANTIOXIDANTS YOU NEED FOR FLAWLESS SKIN , WHAT IS RETINOL PART 1 , WHAT IS RETINOL PART 2

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