The 3 important mindset issues keeping you from achieving your skincare goals

Mindset and your skincare results are linked. Your mindset towards your skin affects the results that you will get.
You need to address those mindset issues to ensure that you get the results in the shortest timeframe

So, we will discuss.

  • How mindset and skincare are related
  • The 3 main challenges people face

Why mindset matters

Mindset or belief affects all areas of our lives, it drives our actions and behaviours. We all have a spiritual life that affects us more than we realize. Whenever you plan to achieve any goal you need a vision of what success looks like.
Even if you are passionate about results, your mental blocks can prevent you from getting results.
Here I will break down the 3 most common mindset issues I have observes.

3 common mindset issues faced

The three mindset issues that affect skincare results are

  1. Momentum to start
  1. Ability to maintain a routine long term
  1. Quitting before getting results

Momentum to start


The most significant ‘’excuse ‘’ people give is cost. The flip side if a refusal to invest in themselves because the underlying thought is that they aren’t worth it.

We all spend money on things we value the question is not if you want great skin but are you ready to invest. Because products cost money and so do professionals the question is are you willing to pay for it.

Belief – aka what is your why?

Do you believe that it’s going to work? Do you believe that the professional is going to be able to help you?
You need to be clear about what you want by saying I want clear skin. I am ready to do what it takes to get it and this is what having it will do for my life.

What do you expect when you get the results of beautiful skin, and more confidence? You know, a better job, being able to connect more with people in my life. All that will get you started.

Maintaining the habit

Building the habit

This is an obstacle for most people. Primarily because skincare is a lifelong pursuit it is an ongoing exercise. A significant number of people stop their routine once they have results. This usually results in relapse and even more frustration.

When it comes to getting to a goal Tyler Perry says its best

‘’ the joy is in the climb ‘’.

This means you have to enjoy the process, or you won’t be able to sustain it. Learn the process of caring for your skin. Make it part of your life and part of self-care and it won’t seem like a chore that you have to perform. The process will allow you to build good habits which set the foundation for the rest of your life.

The mindset you need for skincare is that it isn’t a one-and-done thing. It is continuous, it is for a lifetime.

Unrealistic expectations

One of the reasons a lot of people get scammed is the desire for instant results. when you have a skincare condition like acne it is unrealistic to expect a solution in 7 days. Anyone who tries to sell you that is suspicious. It’s a red flag.

While we are all special in certain aspects this isn’t one of them. Nature is neutral it has its rules it won’t bend them for you.

Quitting too soon

Expectation versus reality

There is a gap between expectation versus reality. Not being able to match their expectation to the reality of how long it will take. Social media has sold us a false bill of goods, so most people expect instant results and give up when it doesn’t happen.

Here community is important. People going through the same or similar issues will give you a realistic idea of what to expect. This is important for people with chronic skincare issues due to the mental health issues that result.

You also get access to more resources like doctors, new treatments, and even a listening ear.
That’s why it’s good to look for a coach or mentor somebody that has a framework and has the resources. Your coach will give help you with simple tips and tricks and advice.

What does this cost you?

  • Time: while you assume you are saving money, all you end up doing is wasting time. Your skincare issues will take longer to resolve if it does at all.
  • Money: time is money and delays can result in more severe skincare issues. These could need more professional help and end up costing more than the initial treatment.
  • Overwhelmed: Getting information from many sources with different approaches is confusing. Trying to make sense of it all can lead to being overwhelmed and giving up.
  • Confidence: skin and beauty go hand in hand. how your skin looks affect your confidence and how you approach the world.

Give yourself time, every good thing takes time takes time, and joy so when the transformations come to learn more watch this video.

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