9 Makeup Mistakes you should avoid, so you don’t look like a fairy tale villain

Learning how to apply makeup is like any other skill, one that gets better with time. Although I don’t have any makeups mistakes which are not period appropriate(remember the 90’s Chola eyebrows ), it has been a process to learn what works and what doesn’t. As I move about my daily life there some makeup mistakes I see repeatedly. All of which can be easily solved with a few tweaks to get you looking red carpet ready or better still look like you have nothing on.

Let’s dive right in.

Wearing the wrong shade of foundation

Foundation is the base for your makeup, so getting it wrong throws everything askew. Unfortunately choosing the right shade of foundation can be tricky, so this is one of the most common makeup mistakes. You may get the shade right but not the undertone or vice versa.

In store, most people test foundation on the back of their hands, however, this is not the best idea because your face and hands are not always the same shade. The best way to find your perfect shade is to apply at 3 shades of foundation drawing a vertical line from your jawline to your neck. After a few minutes, the shade that looks like it has disappeared is the right one for you.

Makeup Mistakes

The second mistake people make is testing foundation in the wrong light. The lighting in department stores can be misleading and make you look like something out of a horror movie when you get into the sunlight. The best way to deal with this is to get a tester to try at home.

Alternatively,  get your make up done in-store then go about your normal business to see how it looks in real life? Some foundations oxidize( get darker ) when exposed to air and sunlight.Doing this allows you to see if it oxidises or stays the same, so you are certain it will look like your skin, not a mask when it is applied.

Some of the higher end brands and stores like Sephora have developed a technology called foundation IQ which is supposed to read your skin and undertones helping you choose the perfect foundation. So check your local stores to see if it is available and get tested.

Mismatched face and neck

This is a very common makeup mistake and one I have been guilty of in the past.  There is nothing as jarring as seeing foundation stop abruptly at the jawline. It looks like you are wearing a mask. As kids, we made fun of women who looked like that, saying they were wearing ‘’pancake’’ the slang for foundation that looked like it had been slapped on.

You don’t need an extra pump of foundation for your neck, just make sure you extend the application down to your neck so there is a seamless transition from your face to your neck. Especially if it is a full coverage foundation. If the colour of your chest and neck are significantly different from that of your face, it may be better if you match your foundation to your neck and chest instead of your face to make sure it looks natural.

Harsh brows

I like defined and well-arched brows as much as anyone, but some of us do the absolute most when it comes to brows. It’s like we cannot find a middle ground we do too much or too little. In the too much camp, the most offensive makeup mistake is the Instagram brows. They are overly arched and concealed above and below, it is too much for everyday makeup in my opinion.

Make sure your brows are properly shaped so that you don’t need to do much each day. When using a brow pencil, please in the name of all that is holy do not draw a thick line across. Use thin upward strokes that mimic hairs to get the most the most natural looking brows.

Another pet peeve of mine is very dark brows.No one has brows that are jet black, and you look like caterpillar died on your face. Use your natural hair colour as a guide, your eyebrows should be two shades darker than your hair colour with few exceptions.  Another mistake is having very skinny brows thankfully it is less popular now.


Makeup Mistakes

Marlena Dietrich

No one’s natural brows are a solid straight line across their face and you are not Marlene Dietrich so stop it.

Not prepping your skin

If the foundation is the base for good makeup application, then prepping your skin is the base of the base. Skin prep is the key to gorgeous makeup and if not done correctly no matter the quality of your makeup products are they won’t perform. Overly dry skin will make your foundation flake, too oily and your makeup slides right off.

Prepping your skin should involve cleansing, exfoliating and moisturizing so that your makeup applies flawlessly. The key is to apply your makeup within 10 mins of applying your moisturizer.

Over over-lining your lips

I don’t understand how this started to be accepted as normal but it needs to stop and right now. It is a trend that is pretty much irredeemable in my eyes. I don’t care how much people like to pretend that it makes their lips look plumper, it doesn’t at least not in person. So if you are having a photo shoot, then go HAM with over lining, but in real life? Please don’t, I can see the line you tried to draw and your lips don’t look any bigger.

Makeup Mistakes

Source: The internet

Too much too much blush too low on your face

Blush gives you a nice wash of colour, too much and you look like you lost a bet to a clown. Your blush should complement your overall makeup look and not be the centre of attention. To make you have just enough blusher, tap of the excess by rubbing your brush over the back of your hand. If you already have too much blush on your face, use your foundation brush on that area to sweep off the excess.

Another mistake you can make is putting the blush to low on your face. Your blush should sit just below your highlighter and overlap slightly, too low and it pulls your whole face down making you look much older. To avoid this use a tapered brush which allows you more control and blends upwards.

makeup mistakes

source: tampilcantik.com

Not blending enough

With all the contouring, bronzing and highlighters everyone seems to think they need to use one thing seems to fall through the cracks.


When you use a number of products even if its only foundation it is important that at each product be blended into the skin properly. There is nothing as creepy as walking past a person and looking at a stripe across her nose or face so blend blend blend. There should be no demarcation from one product and the next each should flow seamlessness into the other.

Too much makeup

Foundation, concealer, blush, bronzer, highlighter, lipstick lip-gloss mascara. I  love makeup more than the average person but, think we have gone bonkers with the makeup trends. Not every look is a day time look and no you don’t need a full coverage foundation if you have great skin. Makeup is best used to enhance your beauty and cover blemishes. Go the whole hog if you have an event but do the minimum for daily use. Conceal blemishes and use tinted moisturizer or sheer foundation to even out your skin tone in other areas.

You don’t need every product in your arsenal all at once.

Makeup Mistakes

Source: all4women.co.za

Here is my list of the common makeup mistakes I see women make? Do you agree? What did I miss? Let me know your pet peeves in the comments below. If you enjoyed this subscribe below and follow me on social media for more tips and tricks

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