My worst nail mistake, 5 reasons I am never wearing acrylics and why you shouldn’t either

dangers of acrylics nails

I decided to get acrylic nails on a whim. I have always had long and dare I say beautiful nails so getting artificial ones were never my priority. But I was bored and wanted to try something different.

Worst mistake ever.

They looked nice for about 3 days. Then I slammed my index finger against a door and my nail cracked across the nail bed and it was downhill from there. Since then 2 more of my nails have cracked, spitting painfully across the nail beds and I had to cut them off.

Following my less than stellar experience, I decided to see what the literature said about acrylic nails and it was quite a revelation. Because I want you to make an informed decision, here are the facts I have learnt about acrylic nails.

What are Acrylics?

These are artificial nails that are bonded onto your nails. Unlike press on nails, acrylics are moulded onto your nails and buffed into shape.


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    Dangers Associated with Acrylics

    Trauma to your nail bed

    dangers of acrylics nails

    Acrylics nails are much more rigid with a much stronger bond than between a real nail and nail bed. So any collision to the nails; i.e, a bump or knock, can lift the natural nail at the base. This rigidity leads to serious nail breaks which can be quite extreme depending on your nail strength.

    Weakening of Your Natural Nails

    Constant use of acrylics can affect can your nail growth over time weakening your nails, making them prone to breakage.  In addition, they dry out the natural oils on your nails making them more prone to splitting. This is much worse if MMA is used because it makes your nails more sensitive to trauma.

    Bacterial and Fungal infections

    When your nails spilt which is likely it exposes a gap between the nail and nail bed, this warm environment is perfect for bacteria and fungi growth. constant use of acrylics prevents makes treatment difficult. due to repeated infections. These infections are not restricted to the wearer but are easily transmitted to others. This why some hospitals prevent employees from wear artificial nails, evidence has shown a nurse transmitted infection from acrylic lead to several infant deaths. Acrylic nails also promote the growth of subungual (beneath a fingernail or toenail) growth of gram-negative bacilli and yeast.

    Use of Dangerous chemicals

    The chemicals used to apply acrylic nails are unhealthy, contain resins and formaldehyde which are linked to cancer. In addition, Long term exposure to these chemicals can lead to the destruction of the nail matrix.

    Allergic Reactions

    In some women, acrylic nails cause contact dermatitis as well as long term allergies. These result in inflammation and thinning of the nail beds with healing lasting up to a year.

    Inhibit your natural nail growth

    Even when applied correctly acrylics inhibit nail growth, because your nails need to be filed down for the acrylics to adhere properly to your nails. The removal process requires your nails to be soaked in acetone which affects their growth.


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      Tips  for acrylics ( if you must-have them)

      • Acrylic nails transmit bacteria ,so dont use in a health setting 
      • Take at least a 2-3 month break in between your nail application so that your natural nails can recover.
      • Skip trimming your cuticle because they protect your nails and the surrounding skin from infection.
      • Reserve artificial nails for special occasions.
      • Take natural supplements Biotin, Silica, L-Cysteine, B-Complex vitamins which can make help make your nails stronger.


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        Do you currently wear acrylics nails or plan to get them done in the future? What are your thoughts about them now are they are yes or a no, let me know in the comments

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        1. Kiara
          2021-06-29 / 1:39 am

          I been getting acrylics nails for 15 years, I guess it depends on the nail tech, but my nails have never been damaged or weak.

          • 2021-06-30 / 10:09 am

            You are really lucky ,have great nails or both my nails were in complete shambles after my experience i will never try it again

          • Kelli
            2021-08-29 / 6:16 am

            I have mine for 6 months and never had any issues either, my nails are my natural length and the acrylic keeps them strong! I’ve never had so many compliments! I look after them and get my refills every 3 weeks.

            • 2021-08-29 / 4:53 pm

              Wow then you are really lucky , i had one application and my nails were almost totally destroyed

        2. Shelly
          2021-07-01 / 11:09 am

          I went to a nail salon and asked for a gel manicure. The technician gave me acrylic without asking me first (I was new to the nail game and didn’t know what he was doing). After removing the acrylic a few weeks later, my nails were easily chipping unexpectedly. It was really scary. Thank you for this information!

          • 2021-07-03 / 11:41 am

            I glad you enjoyed it it was a bad lesson for me as well

        3. Sue
          2021-07-14 / 3:05 am

          Was interested in the perspective but got lost in the redundancy and grammatical errors.

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