The Hyperpigmentation Bundle

Say Goodbye to Dark spots Forever!

N15,000/ $40

N 9,999/$29

One of the most Googled skincare questions ishow to get rid of dark spots”, it is also the most asked question in my inbox.

What if I told you I had the formula to make it happen?

Let’s talk.

You’ve been consistent with your skincare but your dark spots are still here in full force.

You’ve bought every skincare product recommendation irrespective of price & nothing, nada.

Now, you avoid looking at yourself in the mirror & wonder if there will ever be a time you can leave the house without a full face of makeup.

Is this your fate?


You deserve to feel confident in your skin and all you need is a simple system that teaches you how to get rid of your dark spots.

You are not alone in the struggle for blemish-free skin and this bundle will get you to glowing skin.

This video series is for you if

  • You have multiple dark spots from repeated bouts of acne
  • You have tried lots of ”holy grail products ” with zero results
  • Have had dark spots for so long they have become a character trait
  • Want to understand why your skin always seems to attract spots
  • Want to know the right products to use and how to use them safely

Enter the P.L.P process.

This Video Bundle is a Roadmap on How to Get Rid of your Dark Spots. It has worked for me and multiple clients and it will work for you.

Let me you a story, in June of 2019, my skin was in shambles.

I had just come back to Nigeria from Sudan & my skin was not happy. Thanks to the ”hard water” combined with ingrown hairs on my chin (thanks for nothing ), my skin became the equivalent of a human polka dot.

But something was different, this time I wasn’t worried I had cleared my skin before and I knew I could do it again. I discovered the roadmap and the products I needed to get my skin back to normal.

I let you in on my secrets with this video series & share the EXACT process I used to get rid of my dark spots. You can do the same & get lear blemish-free skin in record time #sexyback #makeupfree

If you are ready to Get Rid of Your Dark Spots then sign up

You will learn:

  • The 3 step process that takes you from spotted to blemish-free
  • The different categories of products you MUST include in your routine & how to combine them for maximum impact
  • If creams will work for you or if you need a medical procedure for your dark spots
  • What each letter in the P.L.P process means and why they are important
  • How to combine products to lighten your dark spots without side effects
  • The ”gatekeeper” product that will make or break your hyperpigmentation treatment plan

That’s Not All, I Have Some Bonuses For Youuu (In Oprah’s voice )


  • An Acne Skincare routine with product list & links -PDF
  • How to use hydroquinone safely –VIDEO
  • Product Recommendations for each category of hyperpigmentation treatment –PDF
  • New Products in the market for treatment of hyperpigemenation -VIDEO


This is what My Clients Have said about me

Go from Novice to Pro and learn the secrets the professionals don’t want you to know on how to get rid of your dark spots once and for all !

Join the exclusive group of women who are able to go #MAKEUPFREE

This video series will be the best decision you make to get rid of your dark spots.

Let me show you the ropes on how to get there.

This is a limited time offer for video series worth over N15,000 for the giveaway price of ………


Before I leave, here are some items you can get for N9,999/$29

You can get the very short-lived rush from buying any of the items above or get the tips that will give you a lifetime of great skin.

Which will it be? Some makeup that you will never use or your confidence?

Your choice.

About me

In case, we haven’t had the pleasure of meeting yet …

Hello, I’m Chizo your skincare consultant. I teach women how to transform their skin by providing personalized recommendations and education on what works for their skin and why.

If you are ready to unlock your confidence and face the world un-inhibited by self-doubt contact me and I will get you there.

Fun things about me: I love dogs, elephants and popcorn. I have 3 degrees and have worked in 5 African countries


Do I need to know about skin or skincare to get this bundle? No, it is designed for complete beginners

What format will it hold in? It is a combination of pre-recorded videos and PDF files

How much is the course? it costs N 9,999 /$29 ( for a limited time)

When does registration close? It closes on the 10th of April and the price goes up as well ! so buy it now.

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