Natural oils that help with Hyperpigmentation

Natural products are experiencing a resurgence and lots of women are looking for natural alternatives for their skincare treatments and hyperpigmentation is no exception. Before you get super excited, here is my caveat upfront, some studies have shown that certain oils have dermatologic applications including the treatment of hyperpigmentation. However, most of the evidence’ you see for these treatments working remains anecdotal.

In Ancient Egypt oils have been used for skincare and medicinal purposes since 3000 BC . When oils are used correctly on your skin they have a multitude of benefits from soothing eczema and fading dark spots. These oils might be more a natural way to decrease the appearance of stubborn pigmentation through cellular regeneration without chronic dryness, irritation, and sun sensitivity.

There are 2 types of oils used in skincare Carrier oils & Essential oil

Carrier oils

These are vegetable oils derived from the fatty portion of a plant. Primarily from the seeds, kernels or the nuts examples include shea ,jojoba, coconut ,castor , olive oil.

Essential oils

These oils are distilled from the leaves, bark, roots and the aromatic portions botanical of a plant. Some examples include tea tree, lavender, lemon oils.

While you can apply carrier oils directly onto your skin, essential oils must be mixed with a carrier oils to prevent an allergic reaction.

Oils for Hyperpigmentation

Rosehip Seed Oil

Rosehip oil is a popular oil in skincare due to its high vitamin A content, which makes it an excellent dark spot and acne scar remedy. The high vitamins A content in rosehip seed oil encourages skin cell turnover while the vitamin C   boosts overall skin radiance.

Tamanu Oil

This oil is native to South East Asia and has been used for centuries. It anti-inflammatory properties making it great for acne as well as to treat acne scars. This ability to stimulate collagen production to promote wound healing makes a great oil to reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation..

Vitamin E Oil

While some people swear by vitamin E oil for hyperpigmentation and acne scars the research results are inconclusive. However, it’s possible that ingesting it through food or as a supplement can help your body heal in other ways helps repair damaged skin cells as well as reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation. In addition, to the antioxidant properties, it improves circulation and structure skin so gives a synergistic effect when combined with other products.

Essential Oils

Essential oils shouldn’t be used without dilution with carrier oils like Argan or Jojoba oil. So make sure you choose one that works for your skin type.

Frankincense essential Oil

This is oil improves cell turnover, making It a great choice to fade scars and pigmentation. It’s the ability to stimulate healthy skin turnover and strengthen the skin’s elasticity are similar to those of retinol but without the drying, sun-sensitivity or thinning of the skin.  This including its powerful antiseptic and healing properties make it a winner for acne-prone skin and hyperpigmentation

Lavender essential oil

Lavender oil calms irritation and inflammation, which induces your skin to heal faster. The anti-inflammatory properties lead to less pigmentation and scarring. It is among the finest oils for hyperpigmentation, from inflammation from discoloration to eczema and hyperpigmentation from acne it helps with them all.

Product recommendations

  • TRILOGYCertified Organic Rosehip Oil
  • SUKI SUKI NATURALS Rosehip Brightening Facial Oil
  • Little Barn Apothecary Lavender + Frankincense Original Oil
  • May Lindstrom The Blue Cocoon
  • Vitruvi Lavender Essential Oil
  • Neals Yard Rejuvenating Frankincense Facial Oil
  • Kiehl’s Daily Reviving Face Oil
  • Honest Organic Beauty Facial Oil

Think about including oil blend your routine and get the double benefit of protection and treating your pigmentation. If you decide to use oils do not expect overnight results these oils may work but will take time and patience. In addition for the best results combine with other ingredients that improve pigmentation.

If you want to understand more about hyperpigmentation, get it HERE

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  1. Theresa Dorman
    2022-02-11 / 3:22 am

    I am interested in learning more about the different oils and how to use them. How do you dilute the oils and how much do you use in making your own lotions.

  2. 2023-07-10 / 1:04 pm

    Thank you for sharing the benefits of each oil and their specific properties for addressing hyperpigmentation. It helps us to understand how these oils work on the skin.

  3. 2023-08-20 / 3:29 pm

    Thank you for sharing this list. Can you also share your thoughts on using carrot seed oil for pigmentation?

    • 2023-08-29 / 6:48 am

      It is an okay oil , however i listed the oils i feel are the most effective

  4. 2023-08-23 / 6:26 pm

    Your breakdown of oils and their benefits is truly enlightening. The fact that these oils are not only nourishing but can also work to even out skin tone is simply remarkable.

    I appreciate the emphasis on patience and consistency when it comes to using natural remedies.

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