Top Skincare Questions of 2020 -Part 2

Last week I discussed the top 5 skincare questions of 2020 according to google. Unlike other industries, skincare had a massive boom due to the pandemic. This was primarily because since everyone was home they had time to actually focus on self-care and here are the final questions of 2020.

6. What Does Lactic Acid Do

Lactic acid is an Alpha Hydroxy acid that is used in skincare products to target skincare issues like hyperpigmentation, age spots, as well as uneven complexions. It also improves d skin tone and reduces the appearance of pores. 

One of the benefits of lactic acid has over other AHAs is it milder and hydrating to the skin. It hydrates the skin by increasing its hyaluronic acid content making skin appear thicker and plumper reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

7. What Order to do Skincare

The best way to describe this is with the picture below. This is the order for your skincare steps

  • Cleanse – use a gel, foam or soap cleanser
  • Tone –use a hydrating or exfoliating toner
  • Treat- chose a product based on your most pressing skincare condition  
  • Moisturise – choose a moisturizer based on your skin type
  • Protect – sunscreen ,use a broad spectrum SPF 30 sunscreen

If you want to learn more about the right order to do your skincare and how to choose the right products for your skin then get The Beginners Guide to Flawless skin.

8. What does Vitamin C do for your skin ?

The right question would be what doesn’t it do? Some of the important benefits of vitamin C are that it promotes collagen production, which has the potential to thicken the dermis, diminish fine lines, and is essential for firm, youthful skin. In addition, vitamin C is an antioxidant, meaning it protects skin cells from damaging free radicals caused by UV exposure.

Vitamin C also inhibits melanin production in the skin, which helps to lighten hyperpigmentation even out skin tone, and generally brighten the skin. To get the best from your Vitamin C use it during the day.

9. What does a Toner do for your face?

This is common question in between cleansing and moisturising, while they can see almost superfluous toners do a lot to get you radiant skin. Toners are used to balance the pH, reduce the appearance of pores and boost hydration of the skin.

This makes them especially useful to those with acne-prone skin as well as all other skin types. There are wide varieties of toners available, which include hydrating, exfoliating and astringent so choose one depending on needs, I go into a lot of detail on how to choose the best toner for your skin in The Beginner’s Guide to Flawless Skin.

10. What is combination Skin

Skin is classified based on the amount of oil and moisture it contains. There are 5 main skin types Normal, oily, dry, sensitive and combination.  Unlike the other skin types which have a uniform balance of oil and moisture content, with combination skin the forehead, nose and chin are oily while the cheeks are dry.

This means that if you have combination skin you may need to use different products for the different parts of your face based on their needs. To find out more about your skin type get the Free Skin Type Guide.

To kick start your skincare get ” Look Younger Longer The Beginners Guide to Flawless skin the step by a step road map that teaches you how to build an effective skincare routine.

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    Hello there! When it comes to skincare, we have many questions in mind before using a product and need a proper answer for that. Your blog is really helpful in finding the answers that everyone is looking for. Thanks for sharing the best skincare tips. Keep writing!

    • 2021-01-29 / 12:05 pm

      Thank you for your kind word you just made my day.

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