5 Nigerian luxury scented candle brands that need to be on your radar

I am a bit of a scented candle heaux and stock up every time I travel out of the country. Unfortunately, since candles are heavy I cannot buy them in large quantities, so had resigned myself to getting the odd one from time.

Colour me pleasantly surprised when on my regular deep dives on Instagram I started noticing a good number of made in Nigeria candle brands. Even better, the reviews for their products were fantastic. I immediately started looking at the offerings available to decide which to test and I haven’t been disappointed.

So without any more suspense here the made in Nigeria scented candle brands I have discovered and used.


Nigerian scented candles

This brand was recommended by @dimmaumeh and she was effusive about how good the candle smells. One thing I can say about this brand is that the packaging is top-notch. I haven’t seen any candles in Nigeria or abroad which comes in such an ornate jar. That combined with the fact that the scents are so good? It is a win for me.

Apart from scented candles the brand also has black soap and whipped shea butter all of which have scents that are a feast for you’re off factory senses. At the moment they have 5 scented candles in their line and based on the description I would recommend starting with the scent blossom.

Where to buy:

Online on their website  


Mint Organics

Nigerian scented candles

This is a brand I have used and love and have written about their Christmas gift box here. I discovered this brand on Instagram and once I realised they were based in Abuja I rushed over to see what they had available. I was pleasantly surprised to see that apart from scented candles they also have diffusers, soaps (solid and liquid), body butter and body oil. Basically everything you need to smell good.

The Mint organics currently has 15, yes you heard me 15 different scented candles so you have a buffet to choose from.  I have their peach and mint and I can say from personal experience that it smells fantastic and fills the room.No weak fragrance here. It also uses recycled paper in its packaging which I love – we all need to be more conscious of our environmental impact!


Where to buy:

Online on their website or in-store Abuja


Nigerian scented candles
Source @oloresng Instagram

This brand is another Instagram find and one which caught my eye because of one of its bright yellow scented candle so of course, I dove deeper. Olores is focused solely on providing scented products and its offerings include candles, diffusers, car diffusers and room spray. It also has an extensive range of scented candles which are broken down by collection.

Since it is Christmas time I will focus on their holiday collection which has 6 scented candles in 3 different sizes for you to choose from.

Where to buy:

Online on their website or in-store Lagos


TIWI home fragrance

Nigerian scented candles

TIWI is a true luxury scented candle brand with a large selection of scented candle, so couldn’t tell how many scents they have available. In addition to scented candles, they also have diffusers, linen fragrances, car diffusers as well as a hand wash lotion set. Their new release is the TIWI GEO Jar and comes in 4 scents.


N15,000/250g/70 hours

Where to buy

Online or in-store Lagos


Nigerian scented candles
source @scentimentalng Instagram

Unlike most of the other brands on this list, I found this brand in person. Since the @thegiftsource had a sale at her shop in Abuja and I trotted over there to have a look. I bought one of their body oils and immediately checked them out online because the smell so was good. They have two collections a rose oud collection and one I call candles of the world series ( when you check them out you will understand why) as well as room sprays. In the ”Candles of the world Series,” they have 13 scents available with matching diffusers.



Where to buy

Since I cannot go through every single made in Nigeria scented candle brand I have discovered here are some of the honourable mentions

That is, do you know any other Nigerian candle brands you would recommend? Let me know in the comments below


  1. Nkonye
    2020-05-18 / 8:39 pm

    Check out http://www.royaleguinevere.com
    They are into scented soy wax melts, they are wickless, lovely shaped and come in different beautiful colours. They are used in electric wax warmers for those who are not comfortable with life fire and can also be used in ceramic burners for life fire lovers. Their scents are amazing and packing great for gifting

    • 2020-05-19 / 2:21 pm

      Thanks so much for letting me know about them, I love trying new scented candles

  2. Stephanie
    2020-06-18 / 10:51 pm

    You can try out candles from Tsavorite Home Fragrance Co. They are also really good and they have quite a good variety.

    • 2020-06-20 / 7:07 pm

      Hi Stephanie ,thanks for the recommendation I am always in the lookout for new brands to test out

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