Skincare Simplified


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Skincare Secrets Your Dermatologist Won’t Tell You (But I Will!)

Stop drowning in skincare myths and confusing routines. Skincare Simplified cuts through the clutter, giving you the 3 essential keys to unlock healthy, luminous skin:

1. Why Skincare Matters: Discover the science behind a glowing complexion and how simple routines can boost your confidence and overall well-being.

2. Know Your Skin: No more one-size-fits-all! Take our FREE Skin Quiz to identify your unique skin type and unlock personalized product recommendations.

3. The 5-Step Powerhouse: Ditch the 10-step overwhelm! Learn the 5 essential steps every skincare routine needs (cleansing, toning, moisturizing, SPF, and treating) and how to customize them for your skin.

Find out what you need to do to create a skincare routine that gets you to blemish-free, clear, radiant glowing skin in less than 4 weeks.

Just like a reader said

” I made just 2 changes based on the book and I have noticed progress on my face, so I am super happy’’ ‘ 

All skincare experts agree that having an effective skincare routine is the foundation to keeping your skin blemish-free and keeping wrinkles at bay.

We have all seen the pictures of Kate Henshaw at 50, if you are hoping or want to look even a tiny bit like her at that age then what are you waiting for?

Here’s What You Get

A book bursting with skincare secrets and the tips I use to keep my skin Youthful and blemish-free.
✅Learn your skin type & save thousands of Naira on products that won’t work for your skin.
✅Discover which ingredients are your ” friends” and never get overtaken by FOMO.
✅Remove confusion on what is essential  & shorten your routine to less than 5 minutes a day and still get results.

You Also Get 3 Bonuses!

🎁How to Combine Actives – discover which active go together and which do not and  how to put them together the right way

🎁 The workbook Your book companion.- This workbook follows you step by step on your journey through this book so that you can take practical steps with your routine.

🎁The Audiobook – No time? take the book with you and listen to it on the go and get the information you need while you do other things around the house.

🎁Shopping Recommendations – Find out where to get your products in Nigeria, get a list of trusted online shops based on your location

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