If you have read this blog for any length of time you would have realized that I love of full coverage foundation. If you are new to my blog hello and welcome to my little portion of the internet where all full coverage foundations are loved and wanted. I have done a mini-review of the black opal stick foundation when I talked about my favourite foundations and you can read about that here.  However, I thought I deserved a full review so let’s get started


The black opal site describes this foundation as a broad spectrum full coverage; long-wear foundation. Which is supposed to blur the appearance of your pores for a natural-looking finish without clogging your pores. Based on the description the black opal stick foundation is not targeted to any specific skin type so can be used either oily, dry or normal skin.

Appearance and packaging          

source: Lipstick Alley

The foundation comes in a black twist-up stick, with the lettering BKLOPAL on the side. The twist-up portion in a sheath just like lipstick which protects the top of your foundation but also allows you to see the shade since the top is transparent.

Shade range

The foundation come in 16 shades which may seem small when compared with other brands. However, since it is targeted solely on at black and brown skin tones there are enough for everyone to work with. The shade range also takes the undertones of your skin into account with a variety of each.

Best for

I have oily skin and this foundation works very well for me as I mentioned earlier it is not specifically recommended for any skin type so is likely to work well on all. Since the foundation is creamy it is emollient enough for dry skin and the absence of fragrance and parabens makes it safe if your skin is more sensitive. So I would say, test it out and see if it works for you.


Application is pretty easy, once I twist up the foundation I draw lines across the areas of my face that need the coverage and use a brush to blend it out. Now the only catch about the application of this foundation is that because it is quite thick you need a dense foundation brush to be able to buff it out properly. I find that the Sigma F80 works perfectly (you can read about my love for this brush here) or the Real Techniques Expert Face brush also does a great job. You don’t have to use the exact brushes I recommended if you already have brushes with a similar shape pattern or density they should work well.


Coverage this foundation gives almost full coverage, I say almost because it does not fully cover my dark spots like some other full coverage foundations I have used. It is buildable but still needs some additional concealer.

The finish is pretty matte but still gives a creamy coverage and lasts at least for half a day before my face oils start to break through since my skin can be an oil slick.


  • Cost it is very inexpensive
  • Easily accessible
  • Full coverage and long-wearing
  • True-to-tone shade match this is the only foundation that fits my yellow undertones perfectly
  • Portable due to the stick format, with zero likelihood of  spillage


  • The shade range may not be the largest
  • The coverage could be slightly better


$9.99 or N2, 000 –N4000 depending on the source

Where to buy

It is available anywhere makeup is sold and I have bought mine in a supermarket it is also available on

Rating :

I concealer to would give this a solid 4 /5 the only thing that takes away point is the fact that I still need to cover my dark spots.

Would I recommend this foundation absolutely, you can’t beat the price, availability and coverage. The only foundations that beat this foundation cost at least 4 times more. Have you used this foundation, let me know in the comments?

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