7 reasons your skincare may not be working

I frequently get requests from people who ask about skincare products that are effective, yet never actually use them and likewise their skincare issues never improve.

Skincare requires consistency for results.

So before you decide your skincare is not working and jump to the next holy grail product ask yourself if you are using them consistently.

Then learn about skin type which lets you know what products and ingredients to focus on . That way the next shinny objects won’t distract you. The next step is to have a day and night routine that you follow consistently.


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    You don’t have a consistent routine

    Skincare is about consistency, so if you skip the steps in your routine or do not use your skincare care regularly your products won’t work. So keep your routine consistent and make sure you follow a routine that is targeted to your skin type which leads to the next point.

    Your routine is not based on your skin type

    There are 5 skin types of skin, normal, oily, dry, combination and sensitive. You need to know your skin type and understand what it needs and build a routine.

    So choose products based on your skin type not on hype.

    You use to much or too little

    Apart from moisturizers or hydration applying to many products or too much of one item can cause skin issues. So follow the directions given on the bottle for the amount of product you need to use otherwise you may end up with over exfoliated skin and host of other issues.

    Wrong Product combination

     Some products work well together while others don’t. So consider your product combination in each step in your routine.For example, retinol does not work well with Vitamin C while Vitamin C and E are a perfect match. So if your skin is greasy, sticky and not behaving properly you have either applied too many products at once or a combination of the wrong products.

    source Instagram : @sciencebecomesher

    Unrealistic expectations

    Skincare products are not a magic wand. They take some time for the results to become apparent which means you need at least 4-6 weeks before the results become obvious. In addition, long term issues like scarring or hyperpigmentation may take even longer to resolve, so give it time and use them consistently. Worry and stress can cause or aggravate skin problems so be calm and let these products work their magic.


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      Seasonal modifications

      Just like you change your clothing based on the season, you need to the same for your skincare. In the dry season where even the air is dry, you need more hydrating products unlike in the rainy season.

      You’re probably a little dirty

      That must have stung a little right? but it’s true. Do you go to bed with makeup on? How often do you wash your pillow what about your towels or your makeup brushes? if you do not change these or wash them on a regular basis then you will not get the best results with your skincare because the dirt will cause breakouts. So change or wash them weekly and make sure you wash your face at the end of each day.

      So remember it takes up to 4 weeks for you to start noticing the results. You may like to what you need to know about the different skin types, the complete guide on exfoliation, harmattan aka dry season skincare. If these were helpful or you have any questions leave a comment below, share on social media and sign up below.


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