Do you think skincare is expensive? Here are 6 reasons I disagree

I hear this a lot when I talk with some of my clients and wonder Is it really?

Don’t get me wrong I know that some skincare products are expensive but in general I would have to disagree. I personally don’t believe that anything is expensive it is all relative and like my good friend would say one million naira is 100k in 10 places.

But let’s go into brass tack here. Bad skin contributes significantly to poor self-esteem in men and women alike, which can affect your life and future earnings. When you look at the price for low self-esteem versus the price of a serum which will address your skin care problems. Which cost would you rather pay?

Here are some of the reasons i disagree with the premise that skincare is expensive

Misplaced Priorities

I know some people may say well ”I just don’t have the money” but I would argue that that is not correct. Your skin is not the priority at this time or you would have found the funds for some skincare.  For women, a good wig costs how much? At least 50k and most women have at least 2 wigs. If you were truly concerned or prioritized your skincare you would skip the wig and buy some serum. Don’t forget you can buy a wig an anytime but your skin is forever

Lack of knowledge

Lack of knowledge combined with laziness is one of the major reasons some people have bad skin. I get it, you are not a professional but a simple google search provides a skincare regime for any skin type. Unfortunately, most people are not willing to do that and get upset when their black soap doesn’t work.

Cost per use

With skincare one of the major issues is the high upfront price. It’s not easy to shell out N10, 000 or more for cream, however, what people don’t take into account is the cost peruse. For example, I bought a DHC cleansing oil in November 2019 for N13,000 and I use it at least 3 times a week. Today in April 2020 I still have over 1/3 of the product left.

Let’s assume it will last me 2 more months

•           N13, 000 /5 months =N1857

•           N2600/4 weeks =N464

•           N650/ 3 days = N154

This means if it lasts 7 months it costs me N154 peruse. That is a price I can live with considering the results I get. So you need to look at skincare that way, look at the cost per use, not the upfront cost

All or nothing

In recent times skincare has become democratized and instead of the big 4 or 5 companies who set prices and decided on products.We have a range of brands with highly effective formulas at affordable prices. So all you have to do is choose the right product.  This means irrespective of your budget there is a brand that will cater to your needs.

However, if have the mindset or are swayed into thinking pricey = effective you won’t buy the affordable but effective product and your skin suffer.

You get what you pay for

As you know I offer skincare consultations and the number of people who expect free skincare advice is mind blogging. Despite the fact, I have a page filled with free information, people request specialized information but won’t pay for a consultation. They expect me to provide information free of charge. 

No, I won’t.

People place value on what they pay, in addition without fail someone tells me I am too expensive then comes back after they have tried someone less expensive with bad results.


Drs Office treatments

I know someone will ask about the cost of a visit to a dermatologist or a procedure.

Are they expensive, absolutely?

However, when you go to a doctor you either have problems that you have been unable to solve or are severe. This means it needs specialised knowledge or tools for treatment.

So I consider these are ‘’special cases ” and the effort needed to solve them is commensurate with the price in my opinion.

Skin problems can have a severe effect on your self-esteem life and success. This means the longer you leave them untreated the greater the likelihood of scary and negative outcomes. So if you want to get that skin flawless skin you want then make it a priority and buy the right products.

To get started you can get my eBook THE ULTIMATE BEGINNERS GUIDE TO SKINCARE or the SKIN TYPE ROUTINE GUIDE. You can read about 6 affordable skincare brands that are not The Ordinary. Because we talked about Drs Office treatments my experience with a chemical peel experience in Abuja and dermaplaning may sell you on these procedures.

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