Concealers are an important part of any makeup routine and when my MAC concealer broke I decided to give another the Maybelline Fit me concealer a try. Although Maybelline is a drug store brand and readily available in most places I haven’t tried any of their complexion products, I love their Great Lash Mascara.

At the moment Maybelline is readily available at most malls in Nigeria so I headed over to their counter at Jabi Lake mall to get a few products including the Fit me concealer.

Appearance and packaging


It comes in a thin tube with a wand applicator and has the shade number written at the top. The tube is in a black matte top with the shade number at the top and I was given the shade 40.

How to use

It is really easy to use; I pull out the applicator wand from the container and place the product in a semi-circle around below my eye getting up to my temple. I then blend it out using a brush or a beauty blender. However, I find that the brush does not quite blend it out properly and I haven’t gotten the hang of using the beauty blender under my eye at least for this specific concealer. Once it is properly blended I set it with a finely milled powder to prevent creasing.


  • Affordable and easily accessible
  • It has a light formula which is easy to apply and blend


  • The packaging, I am not a fan of products which have an applicator which comes in contact with the skin and is then reinserted into the tube. The possibility of introducing infection is high
  • The shade chosen for me did not work it made my under eye look extremely grey which I didn’t like
  • It also creased even after setting with a powder

Who is it for?

Anyone, it works on all skin types as long as you get the right shade


N3, 500


Performance: 4/5

The overall performance was good, my only gripe is that the shade I was given does not work well with my skin tone so gives my under eye a grey look. However, apart from the colour, it works great.

Quality: 5/5

The quality of the product is great and it compares favourably with other more expensive concealers.

Value for money 4/5

The Fit me concealer is affordable and does what is supposed to cover blemishes and hide dark circles under the eye.

Ease of use 5/5

It is extremely easy to use and the product is very creamy which makes the application smooth. There is no need for extra effort trying to blend it out properly.

Overall rating 4/5

The Maybelline fit me concealer ticks all the boxes, it is affordable effective and accessible and has a decent shade range (12) which means it will work for most complexions.

Where to buy

  • Maybelline stores across Nigeria


Have you used the Maybelline fit me concealer? what has been your experience and do have a suggestion for the right shade for me?

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