Last week I wrote about the makeup mistakes that can make you look older and this week I decided to tackle some of the skincare mistakes you could be making in your routine. Although makeup mistakes can make you look older the skincare mistakes you make can have more severe consequences since the skin is the basis of it all and problem with your skin can throw off everything.

So without further ado here are some of the mistakes you may be making with your skincare.


I live in the tropics and yes I know that ”black don’t crack” but the Nigerian sun will make it crack if you don’t wear sunscreen daily. Look I am not pointing fingers, I have been guilty of this despite knowing better because the sunscreen was too, gloopy, too heavy or too something, but that is not an excuse.

skincare mistakes
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Exposure to sunlight is responsible for over 80% of the signs of premature ageing, so you can thank the sun for any wrinkles you have. Most exposure to UV rays comes from incidental exposures which are the times you are not conscious of being exposed to the sun’s rays like driving in the car, sitting in your home or office near windows. Sunscreen is not just for sunny days most sun exposure UV rays are available and can penetrate through cloudy skies so wear sunscreen all day every day without exception.  

Another mistake we make with regards sunscreen or sun protection is using the wrong formula for your skin. Physical sunscreens are better if you have acne-prone skin and are effective immediately while chemical sunscreens take effect after 15-20minutes so choose the right one


Imagine going to the fuel station and putting in petrol into your car without checking if it uses diesel or petrol? That is what not knowing what your skincare is like.  This basically means that you are using the wrong products for your skin and expecting to get the results you want. It will not happen, so find out what your skin type is, I have a whole post which takes you through the process so you can do that here.

Likewise just because you have a few pimples or have breakouts from time to time does not mean your skin is acne-prone. So don’t start using excessively drying skincare products on your skin because it will lead to more issues in the long run.

The reason your skin is not at its best maybe because your skincare products are not suited for your skin’s unique needs. So once you figure out your skin type then you will be able to choose and use the best products and get that glass skin we all aspire to.


This is one mistake I still get shocked that women make, yeah I know it sounds judgmental but this is one of the very worst things you can do to your skin.

Not properly cleansing your skin will lead to acne or pimples popping up or even irritation or infections on your skin in the long run. Because when makeup blocks your pores, they appear and can lead to inflammation and clogged pores. So please wash off your makeup every night and not with makeup wipes,  you need to wash it off makeup wipes can irritate your skin in the long run and even give you wrinkles! Sure makeup wipes may be helpful on the days you are exhausted but they are not enough to cleanse your skin properly. If you are not sure on the best way to cleanse your skin check out this post on double cleansing which will remove every ounce of makeup and you are good to go.


We all know the benefits of exfoliation and after cleansing, it is the most important step. Like everything, too much can be damaging to your skin because exfoliation removes the top layer of dead skin cells to expose your new skin which is very delicate and sensitive.

So imagine doing this over and over again to that delicate skin, it can damage that layer of skin causing pigmentation as well as destroy your skin’s natural moisture barrier AKA the acid mantle. Unfortunately, most people seem to associate stinging or burning with effectiveness which is usually a sign of damaged skin and can result in flaking, dehydration or even worsen hyperpigmentation.

So with exfoliation, less is more, if you use a physical exfoliates use It once a week and for goodness sake stay away from Apricot scrub or any scrub which has large particles. They can cause micro-tears and age your skin by causing wrinkles For chemical exfoliations like acid toners 2-3 time a week is more than enough.

MISTAKE 5: DESTROYING YOUR ACID MANTLE                                

Acid mantle you say, what is that? Well if you want to know the details of you can read about it here. In summary, your acid mantle is a protective film on healthy skin which allows you to keep moisture in and the bacteria out. Using poorly formulated products, alkaline products or over-exfoliating can destroy your acid mantle. Once this is gone the balance keeping your looking good disappears and all hell breaks loose. Believe me, I have experienced it. It will be one break out after another or it could be crunchily dry skin or then again it may just be dealers’ choice. With a compromised acid mantle every day could be like the purge. So although exfoliation is having its time in the sun, do it carefully and don’t go overboard or your skin will let you know

MISTAKE 6: Layering Your Skincare Wrong     

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If you have ever experienced pilling then you may be applying your products in the wrong order. Pilling happens when you are rubbing a skin-care product on the skin and it never quite soaks in. As you rub it in, the product is pilling or collecting on top of the skin.

When you apply your products in the wrong order, you could reduce their efficacy. The general rule is to start with the most lightweight products finishing with the thicker formulas. Give at least 2-3 minutes between each step so that your skin can properly absorb each product.



There is nothing quite as bad as having great skin because you have started a new routine but you don’t know which product is responsible for the change. This happens when you overhaul every product in your routine all at once. To be able to tell which product is working for you add them one at a time, that way even if one causes an issue to your skin you can identify it easily and take it out! So add each product one at a time over time and see how it goes.

So tell me what is your worst skincare mistake? Tell me in the comments below so we can feel guilty together.

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